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May 24, 2017

Pictured above are students that participated in last week’s volleyball camp held at Grainger High School.

Courtesy photo

First Grainger youth volleyball camp held

Elmer Smith
Grainger Today Correspondent

RUTLEDGE – Rutledge Middle School volleyball coach Beau Rich and Grainger High School volleyball coach Tennibell Trent collaborated in sponsoring the first ever volleyball camp held inGrainger County. The camp, which was held in the Grainger High School gym during the week of spring break, April 10-12, was open to students in grades third through eighth. “We had 62 girls from those grades who attended the camp,” said Rich. “That’s more than I ever dreamed would be interested in coming.”In addition to Coach Rich and Coach Trent, a group of Grainger High School varsity volleyball players were available todo individual and/or small group work to insure that all participants were given introductions into the sport, as well as helping the participants to work on various fundamentals and agility training. The camp participants were divided into four age groups that were composed of third, fourth and fifth grade students, as well as some sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. During the camp, the participants rotated through stations where they worked on specific phases of the game. On the last day of the camp, competitions among the four groups were held and medals were awarded for best server and most improved in the third and fourth grade group, and best server, passer and best all-around player in the fifth and sixth grade group, the sixth grade group and the seventh and eighth grade groups. Madison Hersey was selected as the best server in the third and fourth grade group, with Nila Parrott taking the most improved player in that group. In the fifth and sixth grade group, Chastyn Coffman was selected as best server, Alyvia Sneed as best passer, and Katy Roach received best all-around player.In the sixth grade group, Brooklyn Copley was selected as the best server, Khaitlynn Coffman was recognized as the best passer and Abby Reagan captured the best all-around player. In the seventh and eighth grade group, Raelin Madon was best server, with Cheri Bonnell taking the best passer award. Olivia Bolin was awarded the trophy for best all-around player. “The girls all worked really hard, and I think the camp was a great success,” said Rich. “We are really excited about the turnout. Coach Trent and I want to try to build up volleyball as much aswecanin the county.”

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