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May 24, 2017

Honor Rolls

Students making Gold Honor Roll at Washburn School with all A’s for the third nine weeks are: First grade, Kanyon Anderson, Isaac Angelos, Andy Beeler, Sara Booker, Haylee Burchell, Bryson Clay, Bryson Coffman, Leah Coffman, Leah Collins, Hendrix Helms, Nate Hyde, Amelia King, Josephine McLaughlin, Perry Monroe, Alexa Morgan, Chloe Williams; second grade, Garbriel Decarlo, Lilian McGinnis, Cole Sexton, Krystian Tanner, Luke Wallace; third grade, Spencer E. Archer, Aubrey P. Branson, Hailey G. Clark, Leah A. Dalton, Abigail H.Epperson, Matthew L. Harville, Ebany E.Hill, Evelyn T. Monroe, Hannah G. Williams; fourth grade, Trinady F. Atkins, Rylee G. Coffman, Ava L. Dalton, Tyler C. Gulley, Natalie G.Harville, Johnna R. Hedge, Gabriel S. Keohane, Konner P. Kincaid, Nalydia D. Larrison, Katie F. Ritter; fifth grade, MeganM. Beeler, Ashley D. Gass, Evan A. Hentnick, Kylie M. Nicely, Callie G. Nicley; sixth grade, Shauntella E. Bailey, Drew T. Branson, Billy R. Graves, Landon I.Hamic, Ethan R. Hooper, Jace D. Nicley, Zavoy L. West, Logan K. Wolfenbarger; seventh grade, Dylan C. Arnold, Nathaniel E. Barnard, Emma F. Dalton, John M. Dalton, Zachary A.Davis, Bethany R. Hedge, Mikya D. Larrison, Blair E. Nicley; eighth grade, Emery B. Coffey, Adam J. Collins, Devin R. Farmer, Drew B. Farmer, Daniel E. Green, Madison J. Harvey, Emily P. Kincaid and Lindsey B. Moore. Students making Silver Honor Roll atWashburn School with all A’s and B’s for the third nine weeks are: First grade, Tyler Beeler, Jezika Allen, Cody Atkins, Skyler Davis, Gracie Edwards, Emily Hensley, Gabriel Lane, Skyler Savage, Brayden Welch, Catelynn Welch, Emma Welch and Gabby Wolfenbarger; second grade, Emma Allen, Levi Collins, Rylee Collins, Dacyn Cornett, Paxton Harrell, J.P. Nicley and Jaylynn Ramsey; third grade, Marley Bailey, Davis E.Bowlin, Landry Coffey, Ayden W. Davis, Chase M. Davis, Charles Dieterle, Hayden I. Linkous, Hayden Long, Alaina A. McLaughlin, Chaz L. McLaughlin, Wyatt J. Meyers, Yareni L.Nevarez, Brayden L. Ping and Colton M. Torra; fourth grade, Celeste D. Blankenship, Kenley D.Brown, Harlee G. Caudill, Saylor G. Clay, Austin B. Coffman, Alysia G. Delph, Jayda S.Sexton, Humberto M. Soto, Jada L. Tooley; fifth grade, Kylah D. Beeler, Reagan A. Beeler, Haley N. Conant, Lilly G. Cook, Lia M. Duda, James C. Edwards, Hailey G. Green, Carley M.Lawson, Olivia P. Milligan, Rylie M. Nicely, Tyce A. Proffitt, Megan J. Reed, James G. Savage, Billy J. Wolfenbarger; sixth grade, Emily L. Atkins, Adison K. Beeler, Kara A. Bowlin, Dylan C. Burnette, Shelby L. Creech, Gage D. Dotson, Nathaniel M. Keohane, Brayden R.McLaughlin, Brianna L. McLaughlin, Kendall S. Miller, Nathan D. Reece, Rachael P. Richey, Julia K. Wood; seventh grade, Victoria N. Coffman, Izabella M. Crook, Kathryn M. Dalton, Kessie R. Dalton, Alexander D. Davidson, Zane W. Hentnick, Kimberly G. Nicely, Isaac R.Painter and Tanner S. Williams; eighth grade, Lacey S. Beeler, James E. Lineham and Patience L. Ratliff.

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