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July 28, 2017

Workshop discusses software updates and safe exchange zone

Robert Turner
Grainger Today Reporter

BEAN STATION – The Bean Station Board of Mayor and Aldermen held a workshop meeting Monday night to discuss items tobe added to the agenda for next week’s council meeting, which included upgrading its internal software. Recently, some town employees participated inan online presentation on office document software from Local Government Corporation. The software offers ways for local governments to digitize documents and make them available for all employees. Mayor Terry Wolfe said the software would bring the town into the 21st century and be very beneficial. He explained that last year’s police software updates included new computers and a server. The server could be used to host the digitized documents. Wolfe said the cost is $5,713 for the software, with an $1,100 annual maintenance fee. Comparable software was researched with costs between $15,000 and $20,000. While discussing paying for the software, Wolfe said that it would come out of the technical fee fund. Wolfe continued by discussing the possibility of creating a safe exchange zone in the parking lot of town hall. He said that with individuals using websites like craigslist and letgo.com, there is a risk for meeting strangers to make exchanges for internet sales. Wolfe suggested adding a place for safe transactions as a way to give back to the community. The town would install a camera tomonitor the location. Also added to the agenda was a request from Roy Lovin of the Morristown Sons of Confederate Veterans to proclaim April as Confederate History Month. The board will discuss a recent notification from the town lawyer about an increase in the hourly rates that will take effect in June. The board will also work on a budget amendment, adjusting $22,500 in line items to balance the current budget, in preparation for the upcoming new budget

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