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May 26, 2017

O’Reilly Auto Parts coming to Blaine

Barbara Womack
Grainger Today Correspondent
BLAINE – O’Reilly Auto Parts is coming to Blaine. Alderman Charlie McKnight told the board Monday the national retailer plans to build a store on11W and is looking for a location. “They plan to open by the end of the year,”he said. McKnight said he has been in contact with the company as sort ofan informal business recruiter. He said anyone who might be interested in selling property should contact City Hall, who would in turn notify McKnight, sohecan pass the information onto the company. He said they need about one acre. He did not say how many people the store might employ. In other business, city attorney Shelley Wilson submitted a draft ordinance to term limit both the office of mayor and aldermen. The proposal passed on first reading in April and will be up for second reading in June. It would limit all board members to two consecutive terms. Aldermen could run for the office again after a four -year wait, and they could also run for mayor. After a four-year wait, the former mayor would be eligible to run for alderman. The measure must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the board and then be approved by the voters before it would go into effect. McKnight also informed the board the planning commission believes the city should reinstate the position of building inspector onas-needed basis. The issue will be on the board agenda in June. The board adopted a resolution to request that MTAS revise and codify the city ordinances. The board would then readopt the ordinances, and they would be posted online for public view. Alderman Marvin Braden asked that money for an additional police officer be put in the 2017-18 budget that will be considered next month. He said one more person would allow the city to have 24/7 coverage

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