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July 28, 2017

Rutledge headed for the black

Tracey Wolfe
Grainger Today Editor
RUTLEDGE–It appears as though the city of Rutledge will end its fiscal year in the black. Mayor Fred “Speck” Sykes, said he was excited at the prospect of finishing the year with a positive balance. The Rutledge Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved the first reading of the town’s proposed FY 2017-18 budget during its meeting, Thursday, May 11. The board voted to pay for half the cost of materials used for paving performed at the Rutledge City Park by the Grainger County Highway Department. Sykes said riprap that had been placed to prevent erosion at the park was posing a danger to kids who were getting injured falling on it. He said Grainger County Highway Superintendent Jimmy Renfro took a crew to the park and paved over the riprap, bringing the pavement all the way into the parking lot to help with distribution of the water runoff. Alderman Ed Boling made a motion to approve payment of one-half of the approximately $1,000 cost for the materials used, which was seconded by Alderman Keith Merritt. The motion passed unanimously. According to Chief Financial Officer Stacy Harbin, Rutledge Little League agreed to pay the other half of the cost for materials. Renfro reportedly charged no labor for the work performed at the park. Board members also approved a public records policy required by the state and appointed Harbin as the public records custodian for the town.

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