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January 16, 2018

Church Politics

Dear Editor,

For a number of years, Father Alex Waraksa always gave me holy communion on my side of the aisle. After I leveled things out regarding Vatican Council II and Pope Bergoglio, he immediately went over to the other side of the aisle to prevent me from receiving communion from him, and that is ok.

George Nuemayr is the former editor of “Catholic World Report” and author of “The Political Pope.” Because he doesn’t want to believe the truth, because he doesn’t want to believe the facts, there is no way that Fr. Alex will touch this book. So most of the following words are those of George Nuemayr.

From the first moment I saw him, I knew that he was going to be a modernist wrecking ball, and he struck me from the beginning as the prototypical “progressive” Jesuit. I knew it was an extremely bad sign that the church would name the first Jesuit pope at the very moment the Jesuit Order was in its most corrupt and heterodox condition. I knew it was going to be a distressingly historic pontificate, and from the first moment of Francis’ papacy I began thinking that his pontificate would be a good subject for a book. As it unfolded, it became clearer and clearer that someone needed to chronicle this consequentially chaotic pontificate.

I looked at his time in Buenos Aires, Argentina at his formation of the Jesuit Order. I read all of his available speeches and writings when he was bishop, before he was pope. I read all the existing biographies about him. I talked to Latin American priests. I talked to Jesuits. I talked to Vatican officials. I talked to Catholic activists and Catholic academics and canon lawyers. Given the sensitivity of the topic, most of the people were only willing to speak anonymously with me. I tried to look at all the salient news items that relate to Bergoglio, before he was pope and when he was pope. The undeniable conclusion is that the Catholic Church is suffering under a bad pope and that the cardinals must address this crisis.

Pope Francis is a product of political leftism and theological modernism. HIs mind has been shaped by all of the post-enlightenment heresies and ideologies from Marx to Freud to Darwin. He is the realization of Cardinal Carlo Martini’s vision of a modernist church that conforms to the heresies of the Enlightenment. On almost all intellectual fronts, Francis is a follower of the modernist school. He is a student of Modernist Biblical Scholarship, which can be seen in his ludicrous interpretation of certain passages from the Gospel, such as the time when he described the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes as a metaphor and not a miracle. On more than one occasion, he said that it was not a miracle, but a lesson in sharing. “This is the miracle: rather than a multiplication, it is a sharing, inspired by faith and prayer. Everyone eats and some is left over: it is the sign of Jesus, the bread of God for humanity.”

This pontificate is a blatant example of out-of-control clericalism. Pope Francis is using the pulpit of the papacy, not to present the teachings of the church, but rather to promote his personal political agenda. Many of his statements are not in line with the church’s teaching. Pope Francis is the worst teacher of the faith in the history of the Catholic Church. One could not trust him to teach an elementary school religion class.

His mentor was Esther Ballestrino de Careaga, who was a very fervent communist. Francis has acknowledged that he had teachers who were Communists who influenced him. He pays homage to the moral relativism and socialism that are at the heart of the global left. It is no coincidence that his signature phrases have been, “Who am I to judge?” and “Inequality is the root of all evil.” He is the darling of the global left because he is advancing many of the items of their agenda, such as climate change activism, open borders and abolition of lifetime imprisonment (a position still so far left that not even the U.S. Democrats take that position). He is a spokesman for gun control, for world government and for the redistribution of wealth by central planners.

Amoris Laetitia is one of the most scandalous documents in the history of the church. Pope Francis gives an obvious wink and a nod to adulterers in footnote 329 of that document. Archbishop Bruno Forte, who helped to write the draft of the 2014 Synod on the Family, had acknowledged the deviousness of the document and said that it was typical of a Jesuit, and that Pope Francis himself had told Forte at the time that, if they they had explicitly endorsed adultery, it would have caused a backlash, and so they had to introduce this topic into the Synod document more subtly.

The response of the prelates of the church, especially the cardinals, to some of the parts of the Amoris Laetitia has been feeble. Bishop Athanasius Schneider is an outstanding exception. He has spoken forthrightly about the heresy at work within that document.

Pope Francis is the culmination of the Modernist Movement, which goes back more than 100 years. Modernism has been gathering strength in the Catholic Church since the enlightenment, and it picked up speed in the 19th century and went into overdrive in the 20th century, producing the pontificate of Pope Francis. Pope Pius X’s encyclical on Modernism reads almost like a clinical description of the relativistic pontificate of Francis. Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI were later speed bumps in that road, inasmuch as they realized that the “Spirit of Vatican II” was wreaking havoc within the church. But, with Francis now at the wheel, those speed bumps have been completely disregarded, and he seeks to complete the Modernist revolution.

I belong to a generation of Catholics that asked for bread and only received stones. My hope is that a book like this would contribute to the restoration and holiness in the church, and I think it is the duty of Catholic journalists to speak the truth without fear or favor.

I am not aware of Pope Bergoglio having taken a vacation since his election, because he has been so busy with his agenda. Some believe that he will soon call Vatican Council III in order to get his radical agenda. If he does, those cardinals, especially the weak ones, should get strong backbones and immediately call a council and have that heretic literally thrown out of the Vatican.

For those who don’t care for the Catholic Church, don’t get excited. For 2,000 years the Catholic Church and its magisterium has survived many crises and number of heresies. It will survive this one. In short, the magisterium is the teachings of Christ and the doctrines taught by the apostles. then came the fathers of the church who defended and upheld the faith. The early ones who knew the apostles or lived in their shadow are sometimes called Apostolic Fathers.

The world will end when all of the Jews have recognized Jesus Christ as the true Messiah. The world cannot end until all Jews have converted to Christianity. That appears to be a number of centuries from now. During this time, the Catholic Church will face many crises. At the end of time, the Catholic Church and its Magisterium will still be standing.

Joe Schaad


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