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November 17, 2017

Tennessee Educator Survey results released

Barbara Womack
Grainger Today Correspondent

NASHVILLE – Tennessee educators have a more positive opinion about the evaluation process, but report few opportunities for personalized learning, results of the 2017 Tennessee Educator Survey show.

The report was released last week by the state department of education. It was conducted in partnership with Vanderbilt University.

The report noted that teachers’ opinions about the evaluation process have steadily increased through the years.

Only 38 percent had a positive opinion about the process in 2012, the first year of the survey. That figure increased to 74 percent this year.

Regarding the perceived lack of opportunity for professional learning, the survey also shows three-fourths of those participating in the survey said the opportunities had enhanced their ability to meet student needs.

In other results, teachers reported a lack of access to high quality instructional materials. Kindergarten teachers reported spending about four and one-half hours a week creating their own materials.

Teachers also reported that their classroom time is protected, and there was minimal disruption of instructional periods.

About 45 percent of the state’s teachers participated in the survey.

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