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November 18, 2017


Dear Editor,

I’m a minority, and “we” – white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, heterosexual males – demand separate but equal toilets, to be installed in all gas stations, restaurants, businesses, schools, institutes of higher learning, government buildings, city, county, state and federal, and also all state and federal parks.  Black Lives Matter probably should demand separate but equal toilets also. Don’t you agree? That appears to be the thing to do nowadays, right?

The Charmin bears TV ad – “We all go, so enjoy when we go?” – that’s the only thing I agree with. Sadly we’ve become a Godless, dumbed-down, ignorant, stupid, selfish, greedy, corrupt people, oblivious to America’s Founding Fathers, God and our nation’s greatness. We’ve become pathetic.

Some are trying to rewrite our history, by destroying all the Civil War statues, memorials etc. Any and all references to Christopher Columbus, slaves etc. must all be eradicated from all our history, books, parks, museums and more. Evidently our history offends the PC crowd, like you liberals, Democrats, RINOs, you intellectual pigmy’s and all of Islam/Muslims. They have been destroying and killing Christians since the sixth century.  Isn’t it wonderful? What happened to us?

You know the King James Bible, God’s word, has several reference on and about slaves and slavery. Ephesians 6:5-9 and Colossians 3:22-25, plus other verses.  I think “we” should plan a Bible burning party. Don’t you? God help us! Enough is enough. It’s time to speak-up and act.

“We the people” better come to our senses quickly if, as President Trump says, we’re to “make America great again.” “We…” must start with, the word, i.e. God’s word, whether you like it or not. You don’t like that, leave. “We…” are “One nation under God”…etc., and “We…” are endowed by our Creator…etc. Do you understand that ? If you don’t like it, you better leave now. You cannot and will not win a civil war. God forbid, if it comes to that. It’s revival time. Let’s get-it-on. It can’t hurt. It might even help. It’s worth a try, before there’s more terror and chaos or a civil war. If good vs evil, pray God be on our side.

I want to know why our hired employees in Washington, D.C. are not enforcing “Immigration & Nationality Act of 1952, Section 212, Chapter 2,” also known as the “McCarran-Walter Act” (Google it.). Why isn’t it being enforced, and why hasn’t it been?  Mr. Carter, Clinton, Bush and Obama ignored it. Why? That’s why America has Muslim problems today. President Trump wants to enforce it. Let’s do it. Contact our employees and insist they enforce all laws they took an oath to protect and defend, or get out of the way. Most of them have been/done nothing except be welfare recipients anyway.  Pray for America.  “Alea iacta est~.”

Wells Sommer

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