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October 17, 2017

Fifth bomb threat disrupts school

Barbara Womack
Grainger Today Correspondent

RUTLEDGE – School officials are not the only ones who have had their fill of bomb threats at Grainger High School. Students are fed up too.

Director of Schools Edwin Jarnagin said an investigation is continuing in the latest threat that was found in the boys’ bathroom at GHS Thursday. He said authorities are reviewing video in an effort to identify the perpetrator.

“Not only are school officials frustrated about this, several of the kids have told me they are frustrated too,” Jarnagin said.

Thursday’s incident was the fourth at the school since Sept. 1. There was also a threat at Joppa Elementary School during that same period.

Grainger High Principal Mark Briscoe said last week that one person had been taken into custody who was allegedly involved in two of the incidents.

Jarnagin said, “Not only is the financial cost of dealing with the situations high, but a lot of learning time has also been lost. It was especially disruptive on September 1 when students had to be transported to other schools to wait out the threat because it was raining. Under normal conditions, they are sent to the grandstands at the football field.”

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