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November 24, 2017

Results from Bays Mountain Trail Race in Kingsport

KINGSPORT – Runners from Florida, California, Montana, Michigan, Colorado, Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee enjoyed perfect weather Saturday, September 23 while running the course of the 15-mile Bays Mountain Trail Race, following the scenic trails of Bays Mountain Park in Kingsport. The event was part of the 2017 Skelton Law Racing Series presented by Rogersville attorney Mark Skelton. The race was included in the Trail Runner Trophy Series, which is North America’s largest trail racing series, and was included in the State of Franklin Track Club King & Queen Competition, Long Distance Series and Trail Series Competition.
The top overall male was 24-year-old Zachary Russell of Bristol in a time of 1:48:00. Andy Shelton of Gate City, Virginia, finished second overall, in a time of 1:54:18. The top overall female was 40-year-old Lisa Hazlett of Gray in a time of 2:28:28.
The male Masters champion was 40-year-old Jesse Fritz of Johnson City, finishing third overall, in a time of 2:00:20, and the female Masters champion was 44-year-old Kyoko Yamamoto of Knoxville, finishing as the second overall female in a time of 2:37:07. The male Grandmasters champion was 56-year-old Dr. Doug Strickland of Kingsport, finishing seventh overall in a time of 2:12:13, and the female Grandmasters champion was 51-year-old Janette Adams Erchinger of Morristown in a time of 2:44:54. The male Senior Grandmasters champion was 60-year-old Wesley Miller of Gray in a time of 2:30:49, and the female Senior Grandmasters champion was 60-year-old Patti Turpin of Bristol, Virginia, in a time of 3:41:57. Awards were also presented to the top three finishers in 5-year age group categories, with all participants receiving commemorative long sleeve performance shirts. The oldest runners completing the race were 70-year-old John Marshall of Perrine, Florida and 72-year-old Leeroy Hurst of Midway.

The gold sponsors for the 2017 Bays Mountain Trail Race included the Law Office of Mark A. Skelton in Rogersville, R. Douglas Strickland M.D. of Gastroenterology Associates in Kingsport, Allan Couch M.D. of Southeastern Retina Associates in Kingsport and Texas Roadhouse in Kingsport.
A postrace celebration was held at the Farmstead Museum for awards, prizes and a lunch catered by Texas Roadhouse of Kingsport.

The final race of the year for the 2017 Skelton Law Racing Series is the Crooked River Half Marathon at The Lodge at Crooked River in Hiltons, Virginia Sunday afternoon, October 15. Runners completing all eight races in the 2017 Skelton Law Racing Challenge will enjoy a private twilight barge ride and dinner during October at Bays Mountain Park. Challenge participants will also be presented commemorative hooded sweatshirts and awards based on their combined times for all races in the series.
Interested sponsors, volunteers and runners for the Skelton Law Racing Series may contact race director Mark Skelton at (423) 272-4812 or by email at markskelton@markskelton.com. Race applications may be obtained at the Law Office of Mark A. Skelton in Rogersville or online at www.RunTriCities.org.

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