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October 11, 2017


Dear Editor,

“America should convert to Islam; Muslim’s will then stop killing us.” – Ms. Hillary Clinton, June 6, 2017. Really? She thinks so. For sure she has no idea what she’s implying by such an ignorant, stupid comment. God help us. I guess she prefers Sharia law to our Constitution? She’s free to leave. Good riddance. She wants the U.S.A. to become Islam’s 58th state, evidently. Ain’t gonna happen if I/“we…” can help President Trump. She, her husband, all those of their political party and those ascribing to being a Democrat, liberal, RINO etc. are the most arrogant, repugnant, selfish, greedy, ill-mannered, hysterical, corrupt, hate America, bigoted hypocrites ever to disgrace this great nation.

Some of them, like Ms. Kathy Griffin and all NFL, AFL football players should lose their citizenship. No, no. We all gotta be PC. It’s no big deal anymore anyway, right?  Just hugs and kisses for everyone. There’s no God (he’s superstition), no parents (it’s free love), no country (a one-world government/failed Socialism) and no respect of or for our National Anthem and flag. Everything’s free. Cool man. That’s what you, Hillary, Warren, Bernie et al. want, isn’t it?  God help us.  Anyone for a national religious revival? Do you think one’s needed? Do you think one can help?

It was a Democratic senator, KKK Byrd, West Virginia, or Harry Reed, Nevada that coined the phrase, “It’s the seriousness of the charge that warrants an investigation.” Don’t need any facts or information, just “the seriousness of the accusation warrants an investigation?” That’s really disgusting. Half of us probably believe such an ignorant, stupid statement. That ignorance and stupidity is displayed daily by Democrats, Mr. Muller, Pelosi, Ryan, TV, etc. It’s disgusting. How can anyone of us vote/hire a Democrat, liberal or a RINO to represent us? How/why? Our nation is in serious trouble, and “we…” have a big problem with stupidity, ignorance, political and religious ideologues, bigots and hypocrites and their graft, greed, corruption, hate, ignorance and plain-ole stupidity, Common core is disgraceful. Ignorance is bliss? No. Elites like you think that but ignorance breeds chaos. We’re experiencing that now, with the disgusting, hysterical display of liberals, Democrats and RINOs. Drain their swamp Mr. President.

Sadly we’re at war with Islam, our political and religious bigots, hypocrites, zealots, fanatics, liars, cheats and crooks. None believe in, like, or support President Trump, our Constitution, our laws, freedoms and liberties etc.  Sadly, those “we…” hired to represent us aren’t living up to the responsibilities of their oath to protect and defend our nation. At minimum, they should be tried for malfeasance, at the maximum, treason.  Our nation is in serious political and religious turmoil, and it’s doubtful anything short of a civil war will resolve our problems. Sadly, by all indicators, we’re approaching critical mass. Pray we come to our senses first. “We…” could start with a religious revival.  Alea iacta est~. God help us. Pray for America, please.

Wells Sommer

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