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November 18, 2017

Open Letter 

Dear Editor,  

Dear Mr. President, I pray for your success, in draining the swamp of graft, greed and corruption, building the wall, restoring America to a God-fearing, law-abiding, English-speaking nation, our economy, energy etc. and eliminating Islamic terrorism, Common-Core, teachers and government unions etc. We’re “One nation under God.” I pray for your safety and success to “make America great again.” 

I fear for what the left, liberals, Democrats, Muslims and RINOs are doing to my/our country. Sadly the past several years “we the people” have acquiesced our beliefs, ideology, religion, faith etc. to accommodate and appease Muslims, liberals, Democrats, RINOs etc., only to have them condemn, ridicule, complain and demand Americans accept their ideology, their beliefs etc. I.e., – no God/superstition, no family/free love, no country/one-world government, everything’s free and/or the political dogma of Islam and Sharia law. Plus there are those now wanting to rewrite our history by destroying Civil War monuments etc., and the arrogance of overpaid athletes disrespecting our flag and National Anthem. Enough is enough Mr. President! Stop all this crap now, QAP.  It’s simple, if they don’t like, respect, honor or feel thankful for being an American they forfeit their citizenship. Goodbye/gone. 

America is “One nation under God”…etc. And “We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights”… etc. Those who don’t appreciate or like that can leave, now. The past 241 years a lot of brave, dedicated American men and women paid the ultimate price/sacrifice, to protect and defend those principles and beliefs. Let’s not let them die in vain. I’m with you Mr. President, more than 200 percent. Let’s “make America great again.” I don’t expect it to be easy. Nothing worthwhile is. We’re a nation of laws. Those who can’t respect and/or honor our God, family, country, freedoms, liberties and law’s etc. can leave now. We don’t want you. Goodbye, good riddance. I’m a proud U.S. citizen and a veteran of the Korea era. I appreciate, respect and honor my/our flag, National Anthem and America. 

Mr. President, there’s a law not being enforced (why?), it’s, “Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, section 212, chapter 2,” also known as the “McCarran – Walter Act.”  It “prohibits entry into America, aliens belonging to any organizations seeking the unlawful overthrow of the federal government of the United States by force, violence and other unconstitutional means.”  E.g.; “Those who reject Islam must be killed,” – the Quran; 2:191, 4:89, and “Allah’s word is the Government,” – Islam’s Quran; 18:26.  

Mr. President, prior to Clinton/Kosovo, Bush/9-11 and Obama, America didn’t have a Muslim problem. Those two Quran verses alone are scary enough and disqualify any and all Muslims from entering or even being in the U.S.A.  Please, Mr. President, enforce this law now. Muslims are not in America to assimilate or coexist but to kill the great Satan. I.e., “Death to America.” They’re to make our government an Islamic state with Sharia law. Don’t we remember 9/11, Ft. Hood, Boston, England, France, Vegas 10/1/17? How many reminders do we need Mr. President? Can we start converting those who wish to assimilate as Christians? We’re at war with Islam Mr. President. “War is hell.” That’s not to be taken flippantly, but seriously. Islam has been destroying Christian antiquities and killing Christians and Jews since the 6th century. It’s time to end their barbaric, sadistic, intolerant terror.  Their intolerance and violence is only going to get worse and more costly. I much prefer their death or conversion to my/our death and destruction. Iran and North Korea are “big” problems. Not good, your UN Speech was right-on. Pray we’re on God’s side.  

Your “Day of Prayer” was much appreciated, thank you.  A religious revival, Rev. Graham and others want one. We’re gonna keep the Second Amendment as-is. It’s non-negotiable Mr. President, OK? 

You know Mr. President, the leftists, liberals, Democrats, RINOs, Mr. Soros, Mr. Muller, fake news etc. are trying to destroy you to make America into a Socialist/Communist and/or an Islamic nation. Our number one FBI man and top two at the DOJ are doing you and our nation no favors. Replace them. Are Obama’s DOJ, FBI, IRS, Clinton, Comey, Holder, Lynch and Clapper gonna walk?  No. They should all be in jail for leaking, lying, spying etc., and charged with corruption/malfeasance or treason. We’re “One nation under God, a constitutional republic. Many of us have and will protect and defend God, family, country, our freedoms and liberties like many have before us.   

Remember, “Tolerance of intolerance is suicide.”- unknown, and Mr. Bonhoeffer’s; “Whenever we’re faced with evil, not to speak is to speak, and not to act is to act. God will not hold us guiltless.” God Bless America! 

Thank you, Mr. President. I pray you/we’re successful in restoring America to “Make America Great Again.” God bless you, your family, cabinet members etc. Pray “we…” can/will protect and defend our freedoms, liberties, “One nation under God” etc. Thank You. 

I conclude with much respect and honor for you and America’s future. Thank you for hearing my concerns Mr. President. Pray we make America great again, God willing. It’s not gonna be easy, but let’s do it. The quicker the better. Let’s all pray for America. We’re “One nation under God” and the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” We’re gonna keep it that way. Those who don’t like or appreciate that can leave asap.  

Wells Sommer

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