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November 18, 2017

ACT test scores improving 

Barbara Womack
Grainger Today Correspondent  

RUTLEDGE – More than 30 percent of Grainger County high school students who took the 2017 ACT test exceeded the average state score, the state department of education reported last week. 

While the composite score and scores in individual testing areas improved over 2016, they all fell below the state average of 20.1. According to the report, 34.3 percent of students at Grainger High surpassed the state average and 30.8 percent bettered it at Washburn. 

“Our composite score was up a half-point, and that is significant. Our participation rate was very good, with 99 percent taking the test at Grainger High School and 95 percent at Washburn School. The participation rate at Grainger Academy was 69 percent,” Director of Schools Edwin Jarnagin said. 

“I appreciate the efforts of the staffs at every school in helping to make these improvements,” he said. 

State Education Commissioner Candice McQueen said the average score set a new state standard. She said 3,500 more students took the test this year, and 1,800 more students qualified for the HOPE scholarship with a score of 21 or higher. 

The average score in all individual course areas also exceeded 2016 scores. 

“The results are incredibly encouraging. More students are unlocking HOPE scholarship funds and creating options for the future, and we are on our way to meeting our goal of a statewide average score of 21 by 2020,” McQueen said. 

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