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November 17, 2017

Abortion Issue 

Dear Editor,  

The question is, why am I torqued? There’s a young, single Mexican female minor in Texas who’s pregnant. She filed legal papers for “protection and the right to have an abortion,” and I suspect our government pays all expenses too. The state of Texas denied her claim. She’s now filing with our Supreme Court. Why?   

It looks just like an average, everyday occurrence, right? I propose that this is another perfect example of our God tweaking His creation to see just where America is. Only 40 percent of Americans believe there is a God now. I think God has been talking to us by all the hurricanes, floods, fires etc. It doesn’t appear we’re listening very well. Look for a  big earthquake now. Pray that doesn’t happen. Please?  Prove me wrong. I know, it’s global warming and Trump’s fault, right?  God help us, please. 

Why would this young female seek an abortion that denies her child American citizenship and her “anchor” status?  Why? To any moral, thinking person it doesn’t make any sense, does it?  Ah, but there is Mr. Lucifer/the devil. Is that why?  “God’s in control,” Gen. 1:1, Revelations  4:11, plus many, many other verses in the KJV Bible.  Think about it, what an opportunity to declare America is Godless, and a murderer.  

Is America going to stand up and be a God-fearing, law-abiding nation again? It’s doubtful.  What, why, when, how, where and who – apply those here now. All the left, liberals, Democrats, RINOs and others are applauding this young girl’s plight and her decision, and helping her achieve her goal for an abortion. Why? What despicable, deplorable, corrupt hypocrites they all are, and “We..” hired them to represent us. Pray for America. Please? 

It would be nice to hear any pros or cons from Father Pawelk, Congressman Sexton or any preacher, of any/all denominations. It sure looks like America is headed for the dust bin of history, a.s.a.p. It sure looks that way.  Pray for Mr. Trump and our America. “Alea iacta est~” 

Wells Sommer

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