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November 19, 2017

THP to conduct driver license roadside safety checkpoints

FALL BRANCH – The Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) has announced it will conduct driver license roadside safety checkpoints in Grainger County in November.  

Checkpoints will take place on Slate Hill Road, SR 131 and SR 375 Friday, November 3; Owl Hole Gap and Indian Ridge Road, Saturday, November 4; Indian Ridge Road and SR 92 Saturday, November 11; Owl Hole Gap Road, Monday, November 13; and SR 375 and SR 131, Tuesday, November 14.  

In recognition of the dangers presented to the public by unqualified drivers, troopers will concentrate their efforts on vehicles being operated by those who would violate the driver license laws of Tennessee. THP has found driver license roadside safety checkpoints to be an effective means of enforcing Tennessee’s driver license laws while ensuring the safety of all motorists. 

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