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November 19, 2017

Leon Epling has won the “Race to 8” with the “007” Hellcat. The “007” recently took a trip to the Great Lakes Raceway, where the locally-owned and record-holding car made the gap for the record even lengthier. The car beat its own record. The new world record to beat is 8.9 seconds at 156.14 mph. What seems to have taken the world by surprise about Epling’s “007” Hellcat is that it has a stock engine with fewer modifications than most. Dodge is releasing the new Dodge Demon, which according to Dodge, “is going to have more horsepower than any other Hellcat engine” they have released so far. The horsepower of the “007” already surpasses the (yet to be released) Demon.  

Courtesy photo 

Race to 8  




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