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January 17, 2018

Shopping for the Christmas spirit 

After celebrating how thankful we are for what we have by overeating, many of us will top off the upcoming long holiday weekend by joining crowds of bargain seekers hoping for a deal.  

Those who aren’t brawling over the last ridiculously low-priced popular gift item will probably find themselves in the Christmas spirit as they search for things they might give to loved ones as an expression of their love. If you happen to be one of those shoppers, here’s a suggestion that just might boost your Christmas spirit to a new high – add a stranger to your shopping list.  

Sale shopping provides the perfect opportunity for charitable giving, even for those on limited incomes. Even just one gift purchased and added to a collection bin helps. Taking advantage of the bargain pricing offered during this time of year in order to give to a complete stranger is sure to boost your Christmas spirit. 

Not all children will have a wonderful Christmas with piles of toys under the Christmas tree.  

A number of charities are seeking donations of toys, coats and other items during the Christmas season to help ensure children and their families have the opportunity to experience a joyful Christmas.  

Obviously Christmas shouldn’t only be about the giving and receiving of material gifts, but the excitement of a child waking Christmas morning to presents waiting to be opened is a great example of how we’re supposed to feel while celebrating the birth of Christ. Knowing you’ve contributed to that excitement, even if you don’t get to experience it firsthand, can only increase your joy this season.  

God loves a cheerful giver. When we give to those who are in need, we offer them hope. For the parents of children who might otherwise do without, gifts provided for their children can only serve to fill their hearts with a sense of love and appreciation. For families who are struggling, a demonstration of love by others could provide the nudge of hope they need to keep plugging away when circumstances are overwhelming. 

With so many charities vying for donations it might be difficult to choose which one to support, but any of them will benefit someone. Whether it is sponsoring a child from an Angel Tree, donating a toy to a toy drive or choosing some other type of charity, giving is certainly part of the Christmas spirit. 

During this weekend’s sales a number of gift items will be available for less than $10, and some for $5 or less. One gift added to a collection bin does make a difference. If everyone shopping this weekend chose to offer one gift, what a difference it could make for those who are facing doing without come Christmas morning.  

Jesus is the reason for the season. There’s no doubt about that. It’s all the more reason to go out of our way to show love to others as we celebrate his birth. 

 Tracey Wolfe 

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