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January 17, 2018

Encouraging Statements

Dear Editor,

President Trump in recent speeches made some encouraging statements I think. No matter what you “fake-news,” “drive-by-media,” you liberals, leftist, elitist Democrats, Islamists and RINOs think or say about him, his administration etc. and/or us deplorable rednecks, us Bible-thumping, gun-toting, conservative, hillbilly TEA partiers; we stand up, out of respect and honor, for our flag/national anthem and America, for all who’ve served and those who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms and liberties. “We…” believe in God, family and country, our freedoms and liberties etc. “One nation under God.” “We…” have, are and will protect and defend our beliefs, principles and ideas. You don’t like America? You’re mistreated? Shame. Please, exercise your freedom and do us a big favor – leave. OK? You don’t like America? Cancel your citizenship, leave. We don’t want you or the NFL. They’re sadly ignorant, overpaid, disrespectful and ungrateful to be Americans. Please, you all leave. OK, go, now. Good bye. You’ll all be much happier in Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Africa or Iran. Good riddance. Bye.

President Trump: “We in America worship God, not government!” Amen to that and the following: “We will protect and defend our Judea Christian Heritage!” Followers of Islam, you liberals, leftists, progressives, Democrats, RINOs and atheists etc., pay attention to that statement and this one. “We will protect and defend our faith and traditions. God bless the United States of America!” Everyone understand that? I sure hope so.

Also, “American’s have always shown the power of hope for a better tomorrow.” Thank you Mr. President for expressing/explaining your/our/my position, principles and belief’s etc. Great encouragement for our future. Thank you. Let’s do it. Let’s getter done. Pray for our President and America.

“We…” with your leadership Mr. President, can and will drain that swamp of all the pond scum, graft, greed and corruption, build the Wall, our infrastructure, energy,  education, healthcare, restore “One nation under God,” and  eliminate Common Core, Islam, sanctuary states and cities, teacher’s/government unions etc., and “make America great again!”  RINOs like McConnell, Ryan, McCain, Graham, Corker, Flake, etc., plus our DOJ, IRS, FBI, Clinton State Dept., all hold overs, all Democrats, liberals, leftists, progressives and Muslims will be replaced come the next election and the following one if they’re not on board. We’ll do it for all those who paid the ultimate price protecting and defending our “One nation under God,” our freedoms and liberties, America.  It’s a shame that our corrupt, bigoted, hypocrite employees, (local, state and federal) are mostly all pond scum, filthy, stinking slime. They’re disgusting. But hopefully we can/will vote them all out. Freedom is not free.  Pray.

God bless America. I pray each of us had a wonderful Thanksgiving, an American tradition, one of many “We…” celebrate in America, giving thanks for all the blessings God has blessed us/American’s with. I pray yours was filled with good health, good food, lots of family and good friends. God bless America. Pray “we…” keep our  traditions alive and well, always.

Wells Sommer

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