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January 18, 2018

Toys for Texas accepting toy donations at Crockett Trace Walmart, Friday and Saturday

Tracey Wolfe
Grainger Today Editor

MORRISTOWN – The Toys for Texas toy drive will be onsite at Walmart Supercenter, 475 Crockett Trace, Morristown, Friday, December 8 and Saturday, December 9.

Volunteers will accept toy donations throughout both days, beginning at 10 a.m. each day.

Little more than a week remains for the toy drive, which is being held to collect toys for children who live in areas devastated by flooding during Hurricane Harvey in the areas of Port Arthur and Orange, Texas.

The toy drive is spearheaded by Alisa Howerton, who is a teacher at Rutledge Middle School.

She said she came up with the idea when she and her husband, Pastor Scott Howerton, traveled to Texas during the school’s fall break in October to help with recovery efforts.

Howerton said she observed a woman at a Christian ministry sorting children’s socks from the adult-sized socks, and asked why they were being separated. The woman told her she was going to save the socks for Christmas presents for the children, because it might be the only Christmas present they would get.

Howerton said it broke her heart to think children who had already been through so much might only get socks for Christmas, and the idea of holding a toy drive was born.

She said, “I just wanted to be able to give them something to smile about, something to make them a little bit excited about. Because they’re living this day to day. We saw it on the news for a week or so and that was it, and we forget that they’re still living this day to day. Seeing it is heartbreaking.”

In addition to the Friday and Saturday toy collection effort at Walmart, donation boxes have been placed at several businesses in Grainger County and surrounding areas. Toy collection locations are:

Bean Station
Citizens Bank & Trust Co. of Grainger County
Grainger Today
Sexton Furniture

Citizens Bank & Trust Co. of Grainger County
Food City

Jefferson City
Jefferson City Police Department
Jefferson City Fire Department

Summers-Taylor, Inc.

Jordan Taylor Home Furnishings
Main Attraction Salon

Summers-Taylor, Inc.

Citizens Bank & Trust Co.  of Grainger County
Clayton Homes
Grainger Baptist Association
Ridgeview Terrace of LifeCare

Thorn Hill
Krystal’s Clinch Mountain Restaurant

Bushline Furniture

Dollar General

Toys for children of all ages will be accepted.

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