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January 18, 2018

Regulation Costs

Dear Editor,

After reading the letter by Mr. Flippin in Bean Station in the Nov. 15 issue of G.T., he makes it clear that he is a dyed-in-the-wool liberal and probably a far left one. President Trump is the first Republican to fully trust the gun vote, and it was the gun vote that elected him. You won’t learn this fact from leftist networks like MSNBC, CNN and PBS that he named. I have better things to do than watch too much TV, so I don’t know if FOX news reported it.

President Trump is a businessman. He understands the critical role of businessmen in undertaking the risk for the sake of the profit. He understands that incentives affect people’s behavior. He understands that businesses learn first-hand through hard experience what their customers really want, and what it takes to develop a successful company. Now Trump wants to change what the Democrats and RINOs have done to this nation’s businesses.

In 2012, Democrat businessman Steve Wynn, CEO of Wynn Resorts said, “I’ve created about 250,000 direct and indirect jobs according to the state of Nevada’s measurement. If the number is 250,000, that’s exactly 250,000 more than this president, who I’ll be damned if I want to have him lecture me about small business and jobs. I’m a job creator. Guys like me are job creators, and we don’t like having a bullseye painted on our back.”

Even before he first ran for president, Obama’s attitude towards business was clear, the problems that the country faces were due to uncontrolled capitalism and greed, and the federal government needed to step in to fix it. According to Obama, deregulation produced an “anything goes environment that helped foster devastating dislocations to our economy.” Even Bill Clinton wasn’t that socialist.

Not surprising, the late Steve Jobs told his biographer, Walter Isaacson, “the administration needed to be a lot more business friendly. It was almost impossible to build a factory these days in America, largely because of regulations and unnecessary costs.” Clearly, Obama was, and still is, anti-business. Liberal, do you understand what I am saying? I don’t think so.

Obamacare is not just health care, it has all those environmental laws and regulations in it. It will be years before we will see the full economic effect of all the laws passed during Obama’s first two years in office. It takes time for government agencies to draft the regulations that accompany a new law. One six-page section of Obama Care produced 429 pages of regulations. In one case, a single paragraph of the bill will eventually produce hundreds of more pages of rules. Obamacare created 159 new agencies, commissions, panels and God only knows. Liberal, in the end, this will make you very happy. In the end, Obamacare will be a disaster. We have a president who tried his best to prevent it.

Let’s revisit the gun vote that gave us President Trump. Gun owners caught a break in October when Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that he would not be pushing a gun control agenda before the 2018 elections. He explained that with more Democrats than Republicans in the Senate up for reelection this time, and several of those senators being from states where Donald Trump was victorious last year, any gun control votes would put those Democrats at great risk.

That’s a smart and accurate statement and was surprising to many, coming from Shumer, who has been a leading crusader for gun prohibition for years. What we don’t understand though, is why the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) don’t see gun rights legislation as a way of stopping Schumer’s duck-and-cover strategy. The stupid Republicans are going to give next year’s election back to the Democrats.

Hillary Clinton is a sick woman, both physically and mentally. Because of the accident she had when she was Secretary of State, she kept a doctor close to her all during her campaign, in case she fell. Really tough gun control that Hillary wants would be a disaster for the nation. There are 100 million gun owners in America. It is reasonable to expect that 10 percent would fire on law enforcement who came to get their gun. Five percent would be five million and it would still be very bloody.

In 1980, the New York State Legislature imposed a mandatory minimum prison sentence of one year on every violator who did not surrender his gun. It was tabled when the prison cvommissioner testified that the state prison system would just collapse if just one percent of the illegal handgun owners in New York City were caught, tried and imprisoned. Nothing was said about the court system collapsing under the burden of trying them. As I said before, dream on Mrs. Clinton.

Given the decades of scorn, contempt and hatred that anti-gun extremists have heaped on gun owners, you can believe that they will fight to keep their guns.

Liberal, the ladies at GT have plenty of common sense, you don’t show any.

Joe Schaad

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