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January 18, 2018

Hate Letters

Dear Editor,

Last week we read two letters to the editor out of Rutledge, full of name calling, racism and bigotry instead of the usual one. I noticed a lot of similarities in these two letters. One thing jumped out of both letters. The word RINO used as a derogatory term. So I Googled this word as it was used and guess what popped up? BrightBart News, Steve Bannon and white supremacy. BrightBart News is the leading alt-right publication promoting the hate these people are pushing. There is nothing Christian about any of these hate letters we see almost every week. Letter #1 promotes the myth that government might take away our guns someday. He is fearmongering. That will never happen. The Democrats do want background checks to cover gun shows and stop mental patients and people on terrorist watch lists from obtaining weapons, but the NRA and GOP Senate stopped that. It looks like now everybody in  Tennessee can buy a military-style assault weapon and order a bump stock. Any fool can slaughter a crowd anytime. They are even working on silencers now. There’s nothing like the ability to murder quietly to help push gun sales. My gun safe is larger than my refrigerator. No assault weapons. I don’t need one and don’t want one. Guns are tools not toys. An obsession with guns is an obsession with violence. Ask any cop how much he is looking forward to riding up on a domestic call in the dark, and the angry, high person is bump stock equipped and empties a clip on them. It’s gonna happen. The cops will someday need bulletproof cars the way we are heading.

Tell us how you haters justify Trump’s sword dance with the Muslims in Saudi Arabia on his first trip when 15 of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi. The Saudi government has been tied to the 15, and nothing was ever done about it. Now Trump is selling them $1.1 billion in weapons.

Then letter #2 reports about a leaked fake dossier from James Comey to Mr. Mueller. Everybody except him knows that the Trump Russian dossier is from British agent Christopher Steele. He was hired by GOP competition of Trump’s (Jeb Bush they say). This dossier is compiled of British field agent reports and parts have been found to be true so far, not fake. Google it.

He also mentions Judge Roy Moore and says that he doesn’t condone such conduct. Trump has more than twice the accusers Roy Moore has, but it’s A–OK for “Teflon Don,” he gets a free pass because he is his savior. A supposed faith-based Christian bragging about gun toting is his own personal oxymoron. His ideology is more important than facts. The last seven words of the Pledge of Allegiance are “indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” All means all. He doesn’t understand the Constitution either. The U.S. Constitution is what gives you the right to twist the Bible the way you do. Preachers can and do twist the Bible, but the Constitution does not twist. But it’s being trampled. Pray it survives.

I am asking Grainger Today to print the United States Constitution for New Years 2018.

Everyone needs to read it and understand it. If you agree, call them and make the same request. The message of Jesus Christ is love and understanding, not hate!

Mark G. Flippin
Bean Station

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