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January 19, 2018

To commence the ceremony, attendees made the long trek down to the water to lay wreaths and flowers on the surface of the lake in honor of fallen soldiers.

Photo by Heather Dawes

Battle of Bean’s Station commemorated

Heather Dawes
Grainger Today Reporter

BEAN STATION – The Bradford-Rose Camp #1638, Sons of Confederate Veterans, held its annual commemoration of the Battle of Bean’s Station Saturday, December 16 at the Bean Station Civil War battlefield site.

Bryan Green, the speaker and coordinator of the commemoration ceremony, said that he and his wife had moved back to this area to honor her ancestry in a more active way. Green’s wife, Diane, is the great-granddaughter of Dr. Hecker, a doctor that set up a makeshift hospital next to the battle site at the Battle of Bean’s Station, December 14, 1863.

“The original Town of Bean Station is right there in the middle of the lake,” Green said as he pointed to the deepest section in that area of the lake. He then detailed the two-day battle that occurred on the very ground on which he stood.

“Confederate General Longstreet came through and took the battleground back,” he said.

The commemoration was held by the Sons and Daughters of Confederate Veterans, but all of the lives lost there in battle were honored.


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