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January 18, 2018

Traditions and Nostalgia

Dear Editor,

Nostalgia, it sounds like a disease. Do you celebrate any family traditions anymore? President Trump is putting Christ back in Merry Christmas. It’s one of America’s many traditions, that replaces Obama’s eight years of Happy Holidays. I don’t believe many of us do? “We the people” have acquiesced our conservative moral values, faith, ethics, belief in God, traditions, our freedoms etc., that built the greatest nation on earth to accommodate and appease the PC (politically correct) crowd so as not to offend them or their sensibilities. It’s a shame, (the liberals, leftists, atheists, Muslims, Democrats, RINOs etc.) i.e., there’s no God. He’s superstition, no family, it’s free love, no country/it’s a one-world Godless government. Everything’s free (they think), failed Socialism. There’s no freedom of speech, personal property, no guns, prayers, morals, ethics, consequence etc. That’s not allowed anymore. It’s not completely that way, but almost, and will be unless “we…” stand up, speak out and stop it. Enough is enough. Muslims are trying to convert us to Islam/Sharia law. Some idiots are trying to rewrite our history. Then there are the overpaid NFL people showing disrespect of our flag/ national anthem etc., and our hired ones, they’re all in the swamp. God help us. Isn’t America a great country?  Gotta be PC, so we don’t offend anyone. What about you/me? I’m offended. Nostalgia and/or traditions, it’s gotta be a disease/sickness. Be careful.

There was a time when children trusted, honored and respected their parents, mom and dad, their teachers and the police. Most of us believed in God, heaven and hell, went to church as a family, to school graduations, 4th of July, Memorial Day, family reunions and picnics etc. Most of us learned where the 48 states were (now 50), and their capital cities, and the Pledge of Allegiance with “One Nation under God,” That’s not allowed now. Neither is praying in school or in public. Why? We learned to spell, add, multiply, subtract, divide and some algebra, but we can’t play sports to win. It hurts the losing team’s feelings. We won WWI and II and Desert Storm. There are no winners in police actions, Korea/Vietnam etc. We’re the generation that put man on the moon. Divorce was frowned on. Having a baby out of wedlock meant she’s away at boarding school or helping Aunt Lilly. A lot of orphanages then are now replaced with abortion clinics. Marrying someone of another religion, race or same sex meant serious discussion. In the 50s, blacks to the left, whites to the right, meant equal but separate accommodations. Thanks to Democrats, like Mr. KKK Byrd, WV and others, progress. Sometimes good things can/do happen. I believe America is the only country to make slavery illegal. Wake up Black Lives Matter. Sadly, God’s word, our laws/Constitution and Bill of Rights don’t have much meaning today. They’re not part of the lefts’, liberals’, Democrats’, RINOs’ or our courts’ core values.  It’s sad. If you’re interested read 2nd Timothy chapter 3, verses 1-10. Is it interesting? I’m convinced President Trump is our President by divine providence. He and “we…” have four maybe eight years to restore America. Matthew 16:17 – 19, if “we…” have the “right and required faith, and belief in God” the gates of Hell will not prevail against us.” Also, try II Chronicles 7:14  God’s in control. We should remember that. He’s tweaking His creation, loud and clear. It’s time we listened.

There has never been no tradition of Islam’s sadistic intolerance in America. None.  No three bathrooms, no excessive graft, greed and corruption, i.e. The Swamp, no disrespect and hate like there is today. There has never been fewer Americans that believe in God. Only 40 percent of us do. We’re “One nation under God.” It’s time “we…”/you, respect, honor, protect and defend it.  Help restore America’s values and traditions that made America, America. If you/we can’t do that, then leave, ok? Pray for America. Alea iacta est~:  Molon Labe`!  “Freedom is not free,” and “tolerance of intolerance is suicide.”  “Whenever we’re faced with evil, not to speak is to speak and not to act is to act! God will not hold us guiltless.”

Maybe we can start with a national religious revival before a civil war erupts. FYI: Ain’t rewriting our history. We’re “One Nation under God.” Like it or leave it, OK. Bye. I hope everyone had a wonderful, Merry Christmas, and we pray everyone has a healthy prosperous new year. God Bless America.  Pray for America.

Wells Sommer

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