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January 17, 2018

Blaine discussing fire hydrant mandate

Barbara Womack
Grainger Today Correspondent

BLAINE – The city’s planning commission is looking at ways to increase the number of fire hydrants available to Blaine Volunteer Fire Department.

At its February meeting, it will consider amending the subdivision regulations to require installation of hydrants in new subdivisions. It will also consider recommending to the board of mayor and aldermen that it add two of the hydrants a year on city streets not in subdivisions.

“We’ve been getting the equipment for several years and will be getting a new tanker soon. We are building, but the public is not seeing any changes in their insurance premiums,” said Dwayne Irwin.

He said more coverage would improve insurance rates.

“We have 34 total hydrants in the coverage area that includes areas outside the city limits. The coverage area is from Owl Hole Gap Road to the Grainger/Knox County line.

It would be no cost to the city to require a contractor building a new subdivision to put in hydrants every 500-1,500 feet,” Irwin said.

He said Cohl’s Landing has only one fire hydrant, but he said the regulations would not apply to existing subdivisions.

City planner David Williams said the panel could put the requirement in the subdivision regulations without going to the board of mayor and aldermen for approval.

Irwin said the cost to the city would be minimal to add two or three hydrants on city streets.

“They could start right here at City Hall,” he said.

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