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January 17, 2018

Walking the political line

It’s that time again. Time for candidates to begin walking the political line, so to speak. Candidates for elected office will begin pasting on smiles and offering their hand in greeting, often for people they haven’t given a moment’s consideration in quite some time.

Candidates are picking up petitions and gearing up to win votes in the May primary. People who didn’t speak to particular individuals for extended periods of time are suddenly finding themselves feeling more friendly and motivated to reach out, probably in hopes that an individual is just waiting for them to make the first move, so they can give them their vote in the upcoming election.

It’s amusing in its own way. Some individuals who are friendly in one location will risk breaking their neck to escape notice and get out of Dodge rather than be seen talking to the same individual in another location, with a different social group present. (Of course, that doesn’t only happen during election time.)

Suddenly those in a position to help others are willing to go out of their way to ensure those in need know they are there for them. Work begins in earnest and voters suddenly begin seeing results they’ve been waiting for patiently.

Of course, it’s all temporary, and the funny part is they actually think they’re fooling someone.

Who is dense enough to believe someone who has given them the cold shoulder for months or years on end has suddenly seen the light and is trying to make up for lost time, just in time for the election? But candidates feel the pressure of scrutiny during election time, and suddenly everyone feels the need to behave the way they actually should all the time.

People don’t have to be terribly fond of each other to work together, but they should at least make an attempt at being civil, and not only when they see the possibility of potential personal benefit in extending the courtesy of amicability.

The important thing for voters to keep in mind is whether they feel an individual who is seeking their vote is honest enough to be who they truly are at all times, no matter whether there is a benefit in it for them or not. Isn’t that the true test of integrity?

An individual’s behavior when they have nothing to gain is who they truly are.

So shake hands and smile at those who may not have given you a second glance since the last election. But don’t let your memory fail when you get to the voting booth.

I suppose the only thing to do is to enjoy the next several months as everyone goes out of their way to get along. It may be years before it happens again.

Tracey Wolfe

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