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July 26, 2017


Late Fees

Dear Editor, I am a resident here in Grainger County. Today, July 14, I called Bean Station Utility District to pay my water bill. My water bill was $51. I was informed by the employee the total of my bill… but, in addition I had to pay a new fee of $25, as well.  I

Trashy Area

Dear Editor, Have you been to Clinch Mountain Overlook recently? Are you proud to go there and overlook your county and honor the Veterans who have served this country. It is a disgrace that it’s overrun with trash. Somebody is not doing their job. Who is responsible for cleaning up the trash? All three trash

Arizona Governor Nominee

Dear Editor, Have you seen or heard of Mr. Noah Dyer? He’s the Democrat nominee for governor of the great state of Arizona. He let slip (I’m sure on purpose) a “Democrat resume enhancement” i.e. quote – “I like it, and I participate in group sex (a sex orgy.).” “I’ve had many liaisons (sexual encounters)

Political pot stirred during dinner

Traditionally, Grainger County has gotten its 15 minutes of fame every year during the Tomato Festival. This year, the tomato wars may have to take a backseat to the political wars. The Lincoln Day Dinner June 24 at Grainger High School drew candidates, both declared and undeclared, for governor. But the man who made the

Clean Water Rule

Dear Editor, As people of faith, we are deeply concerned, even appalled, at the proposal released Tuesday by the Environmental Protection Agency, along with the Army Corps of Engineers, announcing their intention to rescind the 2015 Clean Water Rule. This action has the potential to make water sources more polluted and opens the door for

Artistic license isn’t a license to incite hate

Last week a group of Republican congressmen practicing for a charity baseball game were attacked by a gun-wielding, hate-filled, deranged individual. The sad fact is, such an attack isn’t all that surprising considering the encouragement to commit acts of violence offered by the likes of Kathy Griffin and others. The public display of hatred and

Countywide Senior Event

Dear Editor, I would like to thank everyone who showed up for our first countywide senior event on June 13. Thank you to Ridgeview Terrace of Rutledge and Debbie Wade for the donation of the door prizes and hot dogs. Most of all, thank you for your support. Thank you to Chris at WJDT 106.5

Thank You

Dear Editor, Smoky Mountain Thunder would like to thank everyone who attended and supports our event paying tribute to our fallen military. We have grown so much over the years in attendance and the supporters who line the streets, highways and waterways to wave, yell and honk their air horns in remembrance to our fallen.

Golden Rule

Dear Editor,   We’re all familiar with the “Golden Rule,” right? “Those who have the gold, rule.” That’s OK by me. Isn’t it better to have successful people rule than losers, failures, those who are unsuccessful etc. and/or political hacks and religious zealots? Who are the people “we…” elect, hire and keep hiring, (re-electing) to

The Fade

By Jessica Tate  He had no running water, and barely any heat,  He skipped meals; he didn’t have enough to eat.  The weight dropped off him; in many ways, he wasted away,  As he grasped at straws, trying to make it another day.  Hearing not a word of hope, his outlook was pure defeat,  Living

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