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March 22, 2017


ETHRA Warning

Dear Editor, I recently had an incident happen involving ETHRA that was shocking and upsetting. I am not one to normally complain publicly about issues, as I prefer to settle differences in private. However, this experience needs to be shared to make people aware. Do not rely on ETHRA for any medical transportation. I am

Maybe who?

Technology is wonderful. One convenience of modern technology has made it possible for us to combine our computer, camera, television, telephone and other devices into one convenient, pocket-sized, battery-powered object. Text messaging was a new fad in communication little more than a decade ago, when creating a message took several minutes. Now it is possible

Celebrating the light

t’s Sunshine Week. No, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll have bright, sunny days and warm weather. Sunshine week is a week designated to celebrate open government, and to create awareness about the importance of our right as citizens to open government. In Tennessee, citizen’s rights are protected by the Tennessee Open Meetings Act and the

Free Speech

Dear Editor, Freedom of speech, a 1st Amendment Right – is it? Watching the news I get the impression that only the liberal, leftist, anarchist Democrat’s speech is protected and/or permitted. Conservative speech is banned. It’s not allowed or permitted under any circumstances. That’s what our “institutes of higher learning” are indoctrinating our children with.

Gun Control

Dear Editor, For the past eight years, Mr. Charles in Powder Springs has been a very happy man with his boy living in our White House. As reflected in his last three letters here, he is now very unhappy, and will be for the next four years, and possibly eight. I am sure that we

Thank You

Thank You Dear Editor, The family of Janice L. Shelton would like to thank everyone who brought food, sent flowers, called or just came by to be with us during our time of loss. It will forever be remembered and appreciated. Thank you. Leroy, Rhonda, Marty and Jeff Shelton Thorn Hill Share your opinions and

The downfall of written communication

Written communication has its challenges. Trying to find the right words to convey exactly what is meant without the benefit of tone of voice or body language can be difficult. Misunderstandings are easy to come by. Anyone who has ended up with someone angry at them due to a misconstrued text can attest to that.

Thoughtful Performance

As usual, people can’t stop talking about the Super Bowl. But this year it isn’t a fantastic play, a standout commercial or the volume of air in the footballs that has people talking. This year’s controversy seems to be more about the lack of obvious controversy. The biggest debate seems to be whether Lady Gaga

Information Sought

Dear Editor, Two large black and brown German Shepherds have been allowed to run loose across Sanita Village Road, Paradise Valley and Carpenter’s Trailer Park, and are responsible for the deaths of one small black Shitzu and two cats. Yesterday afternoon those same dogs were on my property and mauled my Siamese cat, witnessed by

Church Politics

Dear Editor, In the August 17 issue of Grainger Today, I wrote about natural-born citizens of the U.S. I pointed out that Barack Hussein Obama, whose Muslim father came from Kenya, was ineligible to serve as president of the U.S., if the founders intent had been upheld. We now know that Hillary missed the boat

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