G.D. Coffey

n Memory of G.D. Coffey

May 13, 1948 - September 24, 2021

Hancock County

G.D. was the son of Lee and Bonnie Coffey.

He was a member of Chipquen Church. He said he had made many bad choices, in that, he would regret as long as he lived. He was the most caring, giving person. Many people took advantage of his generosity. He was always helping some sick or feebleminded person. His load was too heavy trying to be there for everyone.

He was a diabetic, causing his health to fall. Heart damage took his life too soon. He will be greatly missed.

I am giving credit where credit is deserved.

He has worked like a man since he was 16 driving a dozer and dump truck and being a contractor, building several houses. G.D. and Evette owned and operated General Insurance. He was a truck driver, traveling across the USA, until he retired. He had an adventurous life.

His earthly treasure was his son. Worldly things meant nothing to him.

We would like to thank Lucille Coffey for the grave plot she gave so G.D. could be buried with the Coffey family. Lucille, thank you for everything you have done for all the Coffeys.