In Memory

Roger Lee Coffey Sr.

March 14, 1937 – January 6, 2020

This journey of life was not wasted on this man. Every day was a new adventure. The wheels were always turning. His hand was always working. His heart was always loving, caring and sharing.

He cared for his parents until the day they died. He broke the way for his siblings, helping them with their businesses and homes. He was always taking someone in his home if they were down and out.

His heart belonged to God. He made mistakes, but he was a saved man.

Growing up, we always felt we had more than most. We did. We had God, Christian parents, each other and a loving, caring home.

He had two beautiful children. He had two beautiful grandchildren. He had the love of two good wives. He loved his in-laws’ family.

It was an honor having him as a brother.

Be with God.