RUTLEDGE – Daisy’s Floral Blossoms & Home Design is a local floral business owned by Bean Station resident Whitney England. 

Her journey was inspired by the death of her mother, Iona Morgan. She said her mother would spend her spare time working with flowers. When she passed, England said she thought she could honor her mother best by carrying on something she had shared with her.

England spent her childhood on a farm, where she would watch her mother work a job, work the farm, try to raise her children in Christ and work with flowers in her spare time. She said her mother could make anything from any material. England said she always tries to think of ways she can do the same.

“Just watching her as I grew up and seeing all that she was able to do, I looked up to that,” she said. 

England said she had never imagined herself designing flower arrangements. However, she said when her mother passed, she felt God had laid it on her heart to carry on her mother’s legacy. 

England said she felt like there was a bigger plan to the Lord asking her to begin her business. She said she has found a lot of enjoyment in making and delivering arrangements. She said it was a calling from the Lord.

The business is named after her daughter, Daisy, who she hopes will one day share her love of flowers. 

Her main goal at Daisy’s Floral Blossoms & Home Design is to provide affordable floral arrangements. She said thinking of the flowers her family received when her mother passed made her consider the costs of floral arrangements. She decided to grow her own flowers to help combat the cost of pre-cut flowers and to provide a quality product.  

“I want to be able to help people,” said England. “When people are ordering saddles and stuff, it’s not a good time in people’s lives. They’ve lost a loved one, and you’re trying to do what you can to make their lives a little better. If a flower arrangement makes them jolly during that time, that’s why I’m out to do this.”

Customers may purchase a variety of items from Daisy’s Floral Blossoms & Home Design. Grave saddles, vase arrangements, wreaths, bouquets and holiday-specific arrangements are available. Each arrangement is made to order. England said she was willing to try any design requested.

Prices can range anywhere from $20 to $70. Elaborate arrangements will cost more than simple arrangements. Saddles typically range from $50 to $70. England offers a free graveside vase service for those looking for a cheaper option. She said $10 could be reduced from the price if a customer would like to reuse vase foam in a current arrangement.

England currently uses a mixture of pre-cut flowers, artificial flowers and flowers grown on her farm, based upon customer preference. England and her husband, Spencer, have plans to grow  half an acre of sunflowers, along with wildflowers and zinnias, among other species. Flowers will be tailored to seasons. England said she would encourage customers to purchase homegrown flowers before pre-cut flowers to reduce the final price. 

A personal touch is added to each arrangement. England has added butterflies to arrangements and even made her own artificial flowers. She said she also likes to add color to her arrangements, but has done simple farmhouse designs upon request.

England is a lifelong resident of Grainger County. She attends Indian Ridge Baptist Church and makes a point to ask anyone who purchases from Daisy’s Floral Blossoms & Home Design to attend a church service. 

Anyone who would like more information or to place an order can call (865) 809-2773 or visit Daisy’s Floral Blossoms & Home Design on Facebook.