BLAINE – Blaine Veterinary Clinic opened Monday, May 11 and will be offering boarding/grooming, dental services, digital radiography, house calls, in-house diagnostics, routine/major surgery and ultrasound.

Owner Janeen Brady, DVM (doctor of veterinarian medicine), has located her practice in the old Cherokee Health building in Blaine.

With years of experience treating animals, Brady said she decided to open a local practice. She will provide high-quality, compassionate, affordable care in the Blaine community and surrounding area. She selected the area with the hopes of giving people more choices for treatment of their animals. She said she wants to serve the people by helping their pets and giving the quality care she is used to practicing.

Blaine Veterinary Clinic will be treating only dogs and cats. Brady has been working with dogs and cats for the last 20 years and she said she does not feel up-to-date enough to provide quality care for anything else. 

Boarding will be for dogs and cats only. The clinic will provide shelter, food, water, love and care. Animals will be walked at least three times a day. Owners can also provide their own bedding, toy and food.

Medical services include general practice, vaccines, routine care, skin problems, surgeries, spay and neutering and surgeries. In-house diagnostics will be offered for heart worm, flea and tick problems and complete blood work. Other diagnostics include liver and kidney function and white and red blood cell count. The office has its own digital X-ray and ultrasound equipment.

Brady will be providing house call services. These will be for routine vaccinations and end of life services. She does not plan on treating sick dogs during house calls because she feels she cannot give adequate care that way. Brady explained that there are a lot of large breed dogs and farm dogs that have difficulties coming into a veterinarian’s office. Older owners sometimes cannot get their large dogs into vehicles.

Office hours are specialized to cater to the commuters. The office will be open from 7 a.m. until noon, Monday through Friday. It will be open 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Saturday’s hours will be 8 a.m. until noon. House calls will be every day from noon until 4 p.m., except Wednesdays.

The clinic’s staff includes licensed technician Tonya Sneed from Rutledge, whom Brady has worked with for 16 years. Additional staff includes Alayna Sneed, Julianna Morton, Carol Armstrong and Mandi Sims.

Brady was educated at the University of Tennessee. She received her undergraduate degree in animal science from UT in 1993 and graduated from UT Vet School in 1998.

The state of Tennessee requires veterinarians to complete 20 hours of continued education per year to stay up-to-date. That includes meetings and lectures. Brady said she complies with this, as well as plenty of reading that includes veterinarian journals and veterinarian articles. She also consults with doctors at the University of Tennessee. She said that as sole provider, she sometimes needs to rely on other doctors’ advice. She said she works quite closely with UT and it is especially helpful for difficult cases.

Brady worked in South Carolina for a year and a half after she graduated from UT. She was doing about 90 percent horse work then. In 2001 she came back to East Tennessee and worked in clinics in Jefferson County and Knoxville. In 2004 she was hired to work for veterinarians in Jefferson County and Rutledge as a sort of joint venture. She would work so many days between both clinics until the practice in Jefferson County hired her full-time.

Brady plans to get her business established and then will see if there will be a need to expand. She has the facilities for growth, if needed, and can hire an additional doctor. It will be based on demand of the community.

Brady said she has been in contact with Grainger County Humane Society and hopes to work with them in the near future. She wants to try and help as much as possible.

Any after-hours emergencies can be called to the office and will be referred to available clinics in Knoxville or Talbott.

Brady is from Illinois, and by sixth grade knew she wanted to be a veterinarian because of her love for animals. She grew up on a farm with cattle and hogs and plenty of cats and dogs. She discovered Tennessee by going to school here. Her husband, Jamie, is from Norton, Virginia. Their son, Jake was born after they moved to Grainger County.

Brady said the job never gets easier. It is always difficult watching family members say goodbye to an animal. She often works with animals that are going through chemotherapy and that gets difficult because she sees those animals more often. She can get more attached to the animals and families.

Determination and problem solving are Brady’s strengths. If she has a really difficult case where the medicine or treatment is not working, she will do everything possible to solve it. 

She said, “I am willing to work like a dog.”

Blaine Veterinary Clinic is located at 180 Emory Road, Blaine. 

For more information call

(865) 401-2583, email: or visit their website at: