God Prevails

RUTLEDGE – Rutledge resident Charles Walker recently published his novel God Prevails: Never Forsakes.

Walker based the 49-page novel on Bible scriptures and his life story. Readers will find stories about Daniel, Job and Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego throughout the text, along with stories from Walker’s life. 

Walker said his father was abusive and an alcoholic. He said his mother stayed with his father until Walker was 16 because divorce was not prevalent when he was a child. He said the book also shared how he and his wife lost a child at the 23-week gestation period. 

Walker also shared stories of addictions he faced prior to meeting his wife, from alcoholism to gambling and women. However, he said drugs were never an addiction he had to face.

When he was in kindergarten, one of his classmates brought a child’s doctor kit to school. The child had also brought his father’s sleeping pills to class. 

“He handed them out like they were candy,” said Walker. “Well, I took one of them.”

Walker said he almost died. Doctors at the University of Tennessee Hospital had to defibrillate his heart and pump his stomach. He said this particular incident kept him from trying any illegal drugs during his life. 

While the book discusses his life, Walker said it was mainly about how God has never left him through all of the trials he has faced. He said he was saved at a young age and didn’t quite understand what a relationship with God really meant at the time. 

“Now, as I’ve gotten older, I have come to the point where I realize and understand that I’ve got to have Him in my life,” said Walker. 

He said he was talking to a chaplain at his work shortly after his father passed, and the chaplain asked him how he overcame his father’s abuse and became a good father to his daughters. He said that moment was the catalyst for beginning the book. 

Walker said he heard Bible verses from Christian radio stations and sermons Pastor Mike Lee preached at Buffalo Baptist Church pertaining to what he was going through as he was writing the novel. 

“I started working on the book, and the more I worked on it, the more God got involved,” said Walker. 

He said it took eight months to write the book. Walker said his biggest goal with publishing the book is to bring attention to God.

“I want to inspire people to have a relationship with God because that’s the most important thing there is in life, and if they’ve strayed away, then I think this book will help them. Or if they’ve had hardships, I think this book will help them see that God is still right there with them.”

Walker said the novel has already blessed him. However, he said the biggest blessing he’s received from writing the book was his oldest daughter calling him.

“She said, ‘Dad, you know I read your book. Since I’ve read your book, I’ve been reading my Bible every day.’ So, that was a big one,” said Walker. 

He said he had never gone into detail with his children about how his father had treated his family. He said he believed the book gave his children a small taste of what he went through as a child. 

Walker self-published the book. He said he looked into many publishers, but every time he found someone who could publish the book, they wanted a “small fortune” to publish. He said eventually, God directed him to a small publisher who helped him publish the novel. 

The book is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Books-A-Million for $3.99 for a digital copy or $8.99 for paperback.