Smoky Mountains Handmade Creations  a mini-Gatlinburg in Bean Station

BEAN STATION – Smoky Mountains Handmade Creations is what owner Bean Station resident Anita Crane calls a mini-Gatlinburg in Bean Station. 

Crane is a wire artist. She said she has made jewelry from wire for years, but during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, she decided to attempt making a tree. Her artwork grew from there. 

Crane takes drift wood and repurposes it in her artwork as a representation of people, who go through a tremendous amount in life and wonder what their purpose is. The driftwood is a symbol of how there is value in everyone no matter what they have faced in life. She said she leaves the roots of the trees exposed on the crafts as a reminder believers are to be rooted in Christ. She also said she uses rocks in her crafts to remind Christians they should build a solid foundation on the Rock of Jesus. She said she doesn’t push her beliefs on people, but wants them to know she is present if people want to talk to her. 

She began going to craft shows and decided she wanted to take a chance and opened her own business. 

Smoky Mountains Handmade Creations is a specialty shop featuring handmade items from Crane and local crafters. There are currently 20 vendors inside Smoky Mountains Handmade Creations. However, by the time all vendors who have agreed to place items in the shop arrive, there will be approximately 27 vendors customers can purchase from. Crane said she is still looking for more vendors. Anyone who is interested can find information at

Those who are looking for custom gifts can also find them at Smoky Mountains Handmade Creations. Crane said anyone who is looking for a custom gift can inform her and she will provide the contact information for the individual vendors as needed. 

Crane said when she was putting the shop together, she wanted the atmosphere to be cozy and comfortable. She wants her customers to feel welcome and at ease when they enter the business. 

Crane said she plans to hold craft shows at various times throughout the year to encourage potential customers to learn about what the vendors make. 

Customers who visit Smoky Mountains Handmade Creations Wednesdays will receive 10 percent off any purchase.

Crane expressed her thanks to all who have visited Smoky Mountains Handmade Creations.

Smoky Mountains Handmade Creations is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. and Friday from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. at 614 Broadway Dr. in Bean Station. Anyone who would like more information about Smoky Mountains Handmade Creations can call (865) 935-0088 or visit or its Facebook page.