Something for all at Little Stone House Vintage, Antiques and More

BLAINE – Little Stone House Vintage, Antiques and More has something for everyone, according to business owner Tonia Reagan. 

The business was founded in September 2019 in a little stone house in Blaine. When customers enter the building, they are greeted with an older home reminiscent of a simpler time.

Reagan said she was inspired to begin the business because of her family. She said her mother has always hand quilted items and her father worked with wood. She said her mother gave her her grandmother’s Hoosier cabinet when she passed and she loved it. She said she had been raised in the antique atmosphere and she loved working with antiques. 

Little Stone House Vintage, Antiques and More has a variety of items for customers to purchase. From antique furniture to green glass, milk glass, succulents and antique Singer sewing machines, the business has a selection of items dating back decades. Reagan regularly makes purchases from estate sales and vendors to build her catalog.

In addition to items Reagan purchases from estate sales, the business currently has four vendors utilizing space in the building who have paintings, antiques and crafts for sale. New items are placed regularly.

Reagan said she often carries butter molds for customers to purchase. She said when she was young, she would go to an elderly neighbor’s home. The neighbor’s butter had a design in it, leading Reagan to ask how she got the design in the butter. She said the neighbor took the time to show her how to shape the butter using the molds, and she has never forgotten the moment. 

Reagan said one of the most gratifying parts of her job was receiving photos of how her customers had chosen to display their purchases in their homes. 

She said God has blessed her business and carried it through the troubles 2020 presented. 

Facial coverings are required to enter the business. Reagan also has hand sanitizer placed at the entrance and requires all who enter to properly sanitize before touching items. Precautions are in place to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Anyone who would like more information about Little Stone House Vintage, Antiques and More can visit the business Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. or Saturday from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. at 1889 Rutledge Pike, Blaine, call (865) 291-7456 or visit its Facebook page. Reagan said she tries to accommodate customers to the best of her ability during days the business is closed.