Talking Turkey

Central Point Head Start

“Cook it in the oven and add sugar.” - Adalynn

“Bake it, toast it and put pumpkin on it.” - Roman

“Gobble, gobble.” - Anthony

“Cook it with bread and eggs. Add potato.” - Axel

“Cook some fries and oranges.” - Jesus

“Chicken on it.” - Christopher

“Flip it in the pan and eat some salad with it.” - Mia

“Make it with a stew, with butter and with toys.” - Anastasia

“Bok, bok.” - Ziggy

“Put in the oven. Cook it. Burn it.” - Elijah

Bean Station Head Start

“Put sauce on the turkey and chicken breath on it. Then I would chop up apples, bananas and oranges and put spicy sauce on top of that inside a boiling pan for 13 hours.” - Madalyn

“I would put paper on my turkey and cook it in a pan on the stove and cook it three times.” - Kayden

“Put it on the stovetop with cookies, sauce, ham and leaves. Cook for nine hours.” - Izaiah

“I will put pepper, seasoned salt and more salt and pepper on it. Then I will fry it in the air fryer for nine minutes.” - Mallory

“Put cheese, hamburger and a pencil in the turkey. Then cook it on the stove in a baggie for five seconds.” - Georgia

“I would put salt, pepper and ketchup on my turkey. Put it in the oven on four degrees for eight minutes.” - Trinity

“Put noodles on top of my turkey and chocolate on the bottom. Then put it in a box on the table. It’s ready to eat.” - Andrew

“Put chili soup in the turkey and chocolate icing on top. I love icing. Stir it all up then put sugar in it. Then put it on the grill for five minutes.” - Harmonie

“Make a stove out of spaghetti. Crush the turkey meat and make a pancake out of it and fry it.” - Eli

“I would put salt and pepper on the turkey. Then I would add chicken nuggets. Put in the stove after it gets way hot. Cook for one minute.” - Waylin

“I would put butter and cheese on top. Put a chicken in the turkey. Put it in the oven at 7098 degrees for about 100 hours.” - Tucker

“I will kick it hard. Then put strawberries, ketchup, hot sauce, mustard and more hot sauce on it. Put it on a dustpan and then put another dustpan on top. Cook it until it’s done.” - Wyatt

“Put strawberries and salt on top. Cook it in the stove on 10 degrees for one minute and then it’s ready to eat!” - Brooklyn

“Put syrup, chips and watermelon on the turkey. Then put broccoli in it. Make a turtle and put it in the oven really hot for three minutes.” - Kaizen

“Add cheese and taco meat on top of the turkey. Add potatoes to the pot and put on the stove and cook for five minutes.” - Gracie

“Go in the kitchen and get spicy sugar to rub all over the turkey. Cook in the oven for five minutes.” - Elizabella

“Put hotdogs, cheese, pepperoni, bread and pickles on my turkey. Put in a pan in the oven on five degrees for two minutes.” - Axton

“Put sprinkles, bananas, apples and fish on top of my turkey. Then put it in the oven at six degrees for nine seconds.” - Gannon

Joppa Elementary School

“When I get big, I will cook a turkey on the stove and then put it in the

bottom part.” - Stetson

“Twist the stove, push the button and cook it on the top.” - Xavier

“Mom puts it in the oven and eats it when it is done. Sometimes I don’t like it and sometimes I do.” - Carlee

“You grab it and put it in the oven. You eat it.” - Jaxon

“You put it in the oven and then on the stove. You chop it up on the table.” - Ruby

“You put it in a pan and then in the oven.” - Skylar

“You get a pizza pan and cut up the turkey. You put it in the oven.” - Raleigh

“Mom puts it in the oven and then puts salt on it.” - Serenity

“I don’t cook turkeys.” - Gabe

“Mom cooks it in the oven and then spreads cayenne on it.” - Ariannah

“Mom puts it in the stove on a pan. Then gives it to me on a plate.” - Caroline

“We put the turkey on the grill.” - Eden

“You put it in the oven. You cut it up and eat it.” - Eden

“Mom gets all the stuff out and puts it in the stove.” - Melody

“Mom puts shrimp, butter and sugar on it and cooks it in the oven.” - Ally

“Mom cuts it and we eat it.” - Avery-Tra

“I would put it in the oven.” - Carter

“Mom would put jelly and salt on it and put it in the oven.” - Zariah

“I would put it on the grill. Then I would put it in the oven and then in water.

 I would eat it.” - Kinsley

Bean Station Elementary School

“I would bake it in the oven on the timer. In case you want it for later, I would wrap it in a bag.” - Emma

“I would cook it in a pan in the kitchen in a frying pan. I would put salt, peppers and spaghetti. I would cook it for 46 hours. I would eat it.” - Jase

“You cut it, then bake it in the oven. I would bake it for six minutes in the oven. Then you would cut it into pieces again.” - Everlee

“First, we put it in the microwave. Then we put in on 38 minutes. Then when it comes out, we all blow on it. Then we cut it in half and then we dig in it and eat it. Then we get drinks.” - Dylan

“Put it in the oven for four minutes. When it’s done, take it out. Then when it cools off, we will eat it.” - Avery

“With a skillet. Flip it over and let it cook. See if it is done. Cook about three minutes.” - Raelynn

“Catcherit and put it in the stove. That means you catch it. Cook it and

eat it.” - Tinsley

“I would kill it. I would cook it. I would cook it on the grill for five minutes. You would eat it.” - Waylon M. 

“I would put meat, mushrooms, and salad and that may be all. I would put it in the oven and then put it on top of the stove. Then it would be as good as new. I may put tomatoes on the side of it. I’ve never ate turkey before in my life.” - Brady

“The thing you cook. Buy a microwave and an oven. Cook it by a microwave for five seconds. Then you eat after you put sprinkles on it.” - Titan

“I would get flour and I would put it in the frying pan and cook it for four minutes. Then I’d get it out and put cheese on it. Then that’s it!” - Myla

“In a pan. Cook it for four minutes. Cut it. Eat it.” - Luke

“In the oven for two hours. Then you eat it.” - Autumn

“In a cooker for 10 minutes. I would put chicken and food in it.

Put rolls in it.” - Kendal

“Put in the oven for seven minutes. Eat it.” - Waylon E. 

“You would kill it. Then cook it on the stove on a pan to eat. Put salt in it. Cook it for five minutes, then eat it.” - Bentley

“With a knife. Cook it. Put salt and put it in the oven. Cook five minutes and put it on the plate.“ - Nathaniel

“Maybe cook it in a fish. Cook 18 hours.” - Leland

“Kill it. Cook it. Then we will eat it.” - Gracie May

“Get one from the store. Put it in the oven for five minutes.

Then eat it.” - Kristianna

Rutledge Head Start

“Take the turkey stuff out of his belly. Cook it for eight seconds at your house in Blaine, Tennessee. Put it on the grill. Put ranch and hot sauce on it, and a little salt and pepper. Eat it all by myself. My brothers don’t like turkey.” - Zaiden

“Get the turkey from the shop, and eat it. Didn’t cook it.” - Nolan

“Cook turkey with soap, then stir up and put in the oven for two minutes, get it out then put it in a bottle and squirt it in the baby’s mouth.” - Zayn

“Get a turkey-turkey at the road, take it to the house. Put it in the oven. Cook it for weeks.” - Layla

“Cook in a pan, set it down on the oven and cook six minutes. Oven needs to be hot, hot, hot. Put special cream spray on it and it makes it not nasty. Eat it with mashed potatoes.” - Skye

“Cook turkey till 6:30. Go to the woods and make a special sound like a goat and the turkey will come to you. Eat cake with it. I hope it’s pink.” - Raelynne

“Get the turkey from a farm. Put it in the bag and take it home. Eat it for supper. Cut it up and put it in a pan and throw the pan up and down.” - Cassian

“Bang on your turkey. My turkey is at my house. Put it in the pan. Put salt on it. Put red and green sauce on it. Put it in the oven and cook for

50-11 years.” - Corbin

“In the oven, eat with bacon and cheese.” - Brayden

“In the oven, eat with donuts and eggs.” - Adyen

“I don’t like turkey.” - Brian

“Get your turkey in the yard. Put in a pan, cook for two weeks and two hours. I put my shoes on it and it dings and it’s done.” - Caylin

“Cook it like a chicken on the stove until it’s warm and hot.” - Brensyn

“Cut it in half and put it in the oven then you eat it. Make sure the oven is super-hot, and that you put salt and pepper on it. Put it in the freezer so it will cool off. Your turkey has to have green, yellow, red and brown feathers for it to taste good.” - Arianna

“Put it in the stove and eat it.” - Oaklyn