Dr. Joseph Tyler Trent

ROGERSVILLE – Dr. Joseph Tyler Trent, O.D., is providing clear vision to area residents. 

Trent is a born and raised Bean Station resident. He attended Bean Station Elementary School and Grainger High School during his formative years and continued his education at Walters State Community College and the University of Tennessee before he began training for optometry at Indiana University. 

Trent said his vision has been important to him since childhood. He received his first pair of glasses when he was five years old at Optical in Sears. 

“I never will forget when I put my first pair of glasses on and everything was just so vivid and clear, and I could see details on people’s faces and in the stores and even on the leaves on the trees,” said Trent. “It just blew my mind.” 

He said when he got his first pair of glasses, he thought it would be cool to help people see.

“Especially people like me, who didn’t even realize you couldn’t see as well as you could,” said Trent. 

He said being able to come home to help others who could not see was a full circle moment. 

“It’s a really nice feeling to be back home and take care of people I know,” he said. 

Trent practices optometry at Rogersville Vision Clinic Monday, Thursday and Friday and at Tapp Optical in Knoxville every Tuesday and Wednesday. 

He said he wanted to find somewhere close to home to practice and said a family friend reached out to him to let him know Rogersville Vision Clinic was an option. Trent visited the clinic and said he thought it was a great location with good people. 

He said patients who visit Rogersville Vision Clinic can expect a full eye checkup. He said a lot of people don’t realize how much an eye exam can let an optometrist know about the human body. He said the medical equipment used in an eye exam can reveal whether a patient has diabetes, hypertension and more. 

“It’s more than just glasses and contacts. It’s a health assessment,” said Trent. 

He said patients will receive excellent care at Rogersville Vision Clinic and Tapp Knoxville.

“We want to give the best care to everyone, especially with being local and hometown.” said Trent. “We all just kind of have that sense of community or local, hometown kind of thing, and I think that translates into good healthcare.”

Trent said one of his favorite parts of serving was getting to know all the patients who step into the office. 

He said he was a follower of the golden rule, “Treat others as you want to be treated.” Trent said no matter the issue a patient was experiencing, he wanted to do his best to figure out what is going on and give his patients the best care he possibly can. 

Rogersville Vision Clinic is located at 107 E. Main St., Rogersville. Anyone who would like to schedule an eye appointment can call (423) 272-2020 and request Trent. Tapp Optical is located at 2020 Chapman Hwy. #1, Knoxville. Anyone who would like to schedule an appointment can call (865) 573-2443 and request Trent. Both locations are open Monday through Friday and accept walk-in patients.