Assault admission leads to arrest

RUTLEDGE – A Bean Station man was arrested after reportedly admitting to assaulting a woman Saturday, November 28. 

According to reports, Brock Alan Wells, 34, was found sitting at the side of the residence by deputies, with his hands and face allegedly covered in blood. Grainger County Deputy Todd Greene reported Wells was agitated and seemed to be intoxicated by a narcotic. Wells reportedly admitted to assaulting the victim and claimed she had cheated on him with several people. 

He allegedly said, “I blacked her eyes and would do it again.”

Wells was taken into custody, but reportedly became more aggressive. 

He allegedly continued to claim he had assaulted the victim and said, “Next time, I will cut her head off her shoulders. If you don’t believe me, wait and see.”

Wells reportedly continued to threaten the victim when he was informed she was at the hospital and said he believed officers were lying about her location. He reportedly believed she was with someone else, and allegedly claimed if she was with someone else, he would “take care of her, like he already has.”

Wells reportedly slammed his head against the vehicle’s sliding divider several times and demanded to be let go to see the victim. He allegedly claimed to have purchased $200 of methamphetamine, which he reportedly admitted he had used. 

After arriving at the Grainger County Detention Center, Wells’ aggressive behavior allegedly continued. When he was placed in a holding cell, he reportedly began yelling and cursing at corrections staff while hitting and kicking the door. 

Greene was reportedly asked by a staff member if he could deploy a taser, and allegedly hit Wells in the chest and right leg for approximately five seconds, bringing an end to the aggressive behavior.

The victim was found at a residence across the street and claimed she had been attacked and needed to be taken to a hospital. Greene reported the victim was scared and observed her left eye was bruised and shut, and her right eye was bruised and had a cut underneath it. She also reportedly had bruising and cuts on both arms and both of her hands were bloody.

The victim refused to identify Wells as responsible for the injuries and said she was in no condition to answer questions. She claimed she could not see out of her left eye.

The nurse who attended the victim said there were bruises all over the victim’s body, but she would not speak. The victim reported she was blind and could not see. 

Wells was arrested and charged with domestic assault and aggravated assault.