Baker, Cameron

RUTLEDGE – Grainger County Commissioners re-elected Commissioners Johnny Baker and Andy Cameron as commission chairman and chairman pro tempore, respectively, during their meeting Monday. 

A bid to repair the courthouse roof for $244,000 submitted by Merit Construction, with a 30-year materials warranty, was approved in a 13-1-1 vote. Commissioner Darell Stratton dissented, and said he voted against accepting the bid because commissioners hadn’t yet decided how to fund the work. Commissioner Justin Epperson was absent. 

Commissioners voted to approve a capital outlay note to fund the courthouse roof repairs following a discussion whether to use the General Fund balance to pay for the work. Mayor Mike Byrd said he didn’t recommend paying for the work out of the fund balance before the county’s audit had been completed. Some commissioners suggested a capital outlay note could be paid off at any time if funds remained available in the General Fund after the audit was completed. 

Commissioners approved obtaining a capital outlay note to pay for the courthouse roof repairs in a 10-4-1 vote, with Commissioners Stratton, Scott Wynn, Rodney Overbay and Leon Spoone offering the dissenting votes. Epperson was absent.

Commissioners voted their approval for the appointment of Eddie McCubbins to fill the expiring term of Keith Stansberry on the Industrial Development Board for a term to expire October 11, 2027.

Budget amendments for American Rescue Plan funding, the Highway Department, State funding, General Purpose Schools and Sheriff’s Department were approved. 

Resolutions to approve engineering services and administrative services for ARPA water and sewer funded projects were approved. 

A resolution to approve alterations to Commission Districts due to the results of the 2020 U.S. Census was approved. Changes were reported to be minimal. Citizens whose districts have changed will be notified by the Grainger County Election Commission.  

Long Acres Road and Brock Hollow Road will be added to the County Roads List after an accurate measurement of the length of the roads is recorded. Commissioners voted to include the full length of the roads on the roads list to be maintained by the county.

The County will solicit bids for the repair of Renfro Farm Bridge, which has been closed to traffic by the State.

A discussion about possible salary increases for the Sheriff’s Department and E-911 was tabled until next month to allow commissioners time to review information presented to them by Sheriff James Harville and E-911 Director Randy Holt. 

Two Sheriff’s Department vehicles were declared surplus property, with one to be sold on and the other to be sold to the city of Blaine.