beer sales

Tracey Wolfe

Grainger Today Editor

BEAN STATION – The Bean Station Board of Mayor and Aldermen may consider increasing the number of beer sales permits allowed in the town at its next meeting, Monday, July 27. 

The board discussed the possibility of increasing the number of permits available during its workshop, Monday, July 20, after Mayor Ben Waller said a business will be established in the old Country Boy Gift Shop building on Hwy. 25 E, which would offer cigarettes, beer and lottery tickets. 

Waller said, “He put in an application and at the time we had one open, but another person picked up a license and turned it in before he did, so now we’re short a beer license.”

He said it would be up to the BMA to decide whether to add additional beer sales permits. 

Alderman Mickey Ankrom said he wasn’t sure whether the BMA would need to have the town beer board consider the addition of permits before the BMA votes.

Waller said, “Well, we looked at it today and I don’t think it’s required, is it Barbara?”

Town Recorder Barbara Wolfe said, “It doesn’t say anything, but we’ll double check.”

Waller agreed they would make sure the beer board’s input isn’t required before adding the item to next week’s agenda. 

Alderman Eddie Douglas said eight permits were listed in the Town’s charter, and said the charter would have to be changed. He asked how many more permits the board would consider adding. 

Ankrom said, “Well, you can always move it as needed, but it might slow it down if word gets out you got 10.” 

Waller said they would need to be certain the beer board’s consideration isn’t required before voting, and said they also need to be sure to consider the matter before having a second reading to approve changes to the Town’s codes book, because it might need to be included in the codes book. 

A public hearing and second reading is scheduled to be held during the Monday, July 27 meeting to approve changes to the Town’s Municipal Codes, including the removal of the prohibition of swine from animal control, removal of a requirement for cleanup of overgrown lots at the property owner’s expense and the removal of “to park, store, keep maintain on private property a junk vehicle” from the municipal code regulating junked motor vehicles. 

Any Bean Station citizen may speak during a public hearing, without providing advance notice to the town. 

The BMA discussed whether to cancel the Town’s Harvest Festival due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. Douglas said he had spoken with the Chamber of Commerce in Rogersville to learn what their plan is for the Heritage Days festival. He said the Chamber will vote in early August whether to have the Heritage Days festival, and someone will let him know what they decide by August 5. 

He said, “If they cancel, we cancel too.”

The BMA will also vote Monday to approve the purchase of two police patrol vehicles and a dump truck for the street department.