Bean Station man arrested after domestic disturbance call

RUTLEDGE – A domestic disturbance call led to the arrest of a Bean Station man Sunday,

November 29. 

Grainger County Deputies Todd Greene and Josh Tipton reported dispatchers had informed the officers, en route to a Rice Rd. residence, a male voice, allegedly Rene Joe Allen Spencer, 64, could be heard from the phone telling the caller to inform the police he had a gun held to the victim’s head. 

Spencer reportedly met officers at the door of the residence while intoxicated. He reportedly repeated, “Just shoot me,” several times while allegedly attempting to leave the residence and said shooting him would “make it easier on all of us.”

Upon Bean Station Police Department Officer Mason Byrd’s arrival, Spencer reportedly asked if he had a gun and allegedly requested Byrd shoot him. Spencer reportedly then pushed Byrd and Tipton out of the doorway and exited the residence. 

Officers reported attempting to detain Spencer, but he allegedly grabbed a rail to a second-floor deck and began pulling it, reportedly making it unstable. When officers asked Spencer to place his hands behind his back, he allegedly refused. 

Greene reported firing a taser with a drive stun to Spencer’s arm, which was holding the rail. It was ineffective and Spencer reportedly continued pulling the rail. Green then reportedly deployed a set of prongs to Spencer’s upper body, causing him to release the rail. 

Spencer allegedly continued to resist arrest, and Tipton and Byrd were reportedly unable to secure his arms. Greene reported deploying a second taser cartridge into Spencer’s upper body, ending the altercation. 

The victim reported Spencer had consumed one-and-a-half pints of whiskey throughout the night. She alleged Spencer came into her room, threw the covers from her bed, yelled, cursed and slammed doors for hours.

Spencer was arrested and charged with public intoxication, resisting stop and arrest and evading arrest.