RUTLEDGE – Grainger County Commissioners will review and consider operational adjustments and a salary proposal for Grainger County EMS during its meeting Monday, September 13. 

EMS Director Mardy Bowen has advised commissioners EMS employees are leaving the service in droves for employment in other counties. Bowen said the department has been operating shorthanded, which has resulted in days when three ambulances or less are manned in the county. 

Bowen will provide commissioners with documentation regarding the proposal at the meeting. 

Commissioners will vote to correct an error on the county tax levy resolution passed last month. Department of Sanitation and Parks and Recreation tax levy amounts were reversed on the copy of the levy passed by commissioners during the August meeting. A corrected copy was submitted to the State Comptroller’s Office, but the commission must vote to approve the correct copy.

Road access upgrades for a private road, utilized to access emergency management communication equipment at the top of Clinch Mountain will be considered. The road improvements cost to be approved is $25,000, and the funds would come from American Rescue Plan (ARP) funding. Approval of ARP funding for an upgrade for the sewer pump at Bean Station Elementary School will be considered. Commissioners will also consider $28,875 in ARP funding for a “Hyper Reach” communication system. E-911 Director Randy Holt will discuss the request with commissioners during Monday’s meeting. 

Commissioners will consider the approval and allocation of State funds to be utilized for non-recurring expenses. The funds must be utilized within the 2021-22 fiscal year. 

Commissioners will review bids for the replacement of the courthouse roof and vote how to proceed with the project. The purchase of a canopy for the Health Department, estimated to cost $75,000 with funds being reimbursed by the state, will also be considered. 

A resolution allowing the Parks and Recreation Department to apply for a park improvement grant to include walking trails and parking facilities at Grainger County Park, and budget amendments for the County Clerk’s office, General Purpose Schools budget and Parks and Recreation Department will be considered. 

Commissioners will vote to surplus nine window air conditioning units, including four Frigidaire, three GE and two Amana units. Commissioners will also discuss the resurfacing of SR 131. 

The commission will meet Monday, September 13 at 7 p.m. at the Grainger County Justice Center.