Drive-thrus for Clerk and Trustee offices coming

RUTLEDGE – Grainger County Commission approved a resolution Monday to authorize spending up to $130,000 to provide drive-thru facilities for the offices of County Clerk Angie Lamb and County Trustee Rena Greer. The locations are yet to be determined. Drawings presented at the meeting showed two potential sites. One option was on the courthouse grounds and another was at the justice center near the EMS building.

Both elected officials said they support the project. Lamb said she will need an additional employee to work if the drive-thru is located anywhere but the courthouse. Shelton said a drive-thru would be especially beneficial for disabled people because her office is very small. She said it is particularly difficult for people in wheelchairs to get around in the office.

The meeting was the first that was open to the public since the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in April, but it failed to attract much of an audience. Only five people who are not part of county government attended, and two of them were there because they had an item on the agenda.

Randy Watts and Sandra Collins were asking the commission to consider reducing the public road length of Moneton Lane in German Creek. According to the agenda, County Attorney Lane Wolfenbarger was to give an opinion about what County Commission could do. He was not present, but commission was told he declined to offer an opinion.

Commissioner Gary Wayne Dalton pointed out that the commission had adopted a policy that the three commissioners in a district where the issue exists should make a recommendation. The panel then voted to table the item. In the meantime, the commissioners in the 5th District will meet at the site with County Road Superintendent Charlie McAnally to review the situation and come back with a recommendation.

In other business, County Mayor Mike Byrd said the application for a $600,000 CDBG grant to expand the Washburn water line was not approved because the number of customers did not justify the cost. He said the county will need to look elsewhere for funding.

The commission reappointed Travis Proffitt to the EMS board and Dr. Mark Holland to the E-911 board;

appointed Rita Hillhouse to the Library Board to replace Charlie Cavin, whose term expired, Jeanie Hopper to replace Carolyn Yates, who resigned and Raylynn Graham to replace Betty Sewell, who resigned; and

approved a bid of 1$8,846 from Reed Painting and Construction of Russellville to build a roof on the addition to the building at the landfill.