RUTLEDGE – Grainger County’s only automobile dealership helped make one Grainger County high school senior’s participation in the Grainger High School graduate parade even more special. 

When GHS senior Katelyn Carpenter expressed a wish to ride in a red sports car in the parade, Edde Chevrolet made her wish come true. Katelyn’s mom, Melinda Carpenter, was able to chauffeur her daughter through the parade in a new, torch red, 2019 Camaro provided by the dealership. 

Melinda said she was thankful for the dealership’s kindness to her daughter and family. 

“I love the car too,” she said. The red Camaro has always been a dream car, and to be able to drive my daughter through her senior parade is amazing. I am so thankful to (Edde Chevrolet President) Uriel Edde.”