EMS classes

RUTLEDGE – Grainger County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will hold non-certified CPR and Stop the Bleed classes each month beginning Monday, January 17. 

Classes will be held from 6 until 8 p.m. at the Grainger County Agriculture Pavilion at 280 Bryan Rd. in Rutledge the third Monday of each month. Classes are free of charge and open to anyone who lives in Grainger County. Neither class will provide certification to participants. 

Grainger County EMS Training Officer Daniel Forbing said the classes were being held to help Grainger County citizens be prepared in the case of an emergency. 

He said the classes would cover the basics of CPR and how to stop bleeding to give time for emergency services to arrive in the case of an emergency. 

“It’s all just good to know information. There’s no certificate that comes with it. There’s no CPR card. It’s just Grainger EMS wanted to do something for the community,” said Forbing. 

Classes will be limited to 15 people. 

Anyone who would like more information or to register for the class can email dan.forbing@graingercountytn.gov.