Fair Dresses

KNOXVILLE – A Grainger High School senior won first place in the FCCLA fashion show at the Tennessee Valley Fair last weekend with a dress that honored America and the 13 soldiers who were killed in the terrorist attack at the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Shelby Foster made a dress from the American flag and wore a blue sash with the names of the murdered soldiers.

“Before she made the dress, she asked a United States veteran if she would be disrespectful to use the flag to create the dress in class. He said it would not,” said Paula Abrams, her teacher in the family studies class.

Another Grainger High student, Hannah Bowlin, won second place with a dress that was designed by students Rickelle Bowlin and Kayla Brooke.

Chloe Welch won third place with a dress designed by Chloe Watson.

Kara Davis, Hannah Collins and Macey Strader also participated in the dress competition, Abrams said.