Grainger teachers attend Read 360 training

RUTLEDGE – More than 100 Grainger County teachers in PreK through sixth grade attended Read 360 training provided by the Tennessee Department of Education last week at Grainger High School.

The training provided an opportunity for teachers to review their knowledge of fundamental skills and to provide additional information and strategies to help students as they learn to read, said Lisa Setsor, supervisor of instruction. Grainger County was one of 92 school districts across the state to participate in the training.

Setsor said teachers attended an online course before completing the training in person.

“Reading 360 training gave teachers the opportunity to build on their fundamental skills knowledge. K-2 teachers who completed the training will receive a Foundational Literacy kit that includes decodable readers that teachers can use with students during small groups to reinforce phonics skills they are learning in the county-adopted and state-approved HMH curriculum,” said Kristi Savage, the system’s ELA interventionist.