Man charged after running over woman with truck

RUTLEDGE – A Rutledge man was arrested after he allegedly ran over a woman with a truck in December. 

Grainger County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Jerry Collins reported a woman had allegedly been run over by Rutledge resident Ramon Reyes, 23, Monday, December 28. 

Collins reported the victim was lying on the driveway with scrapes on her right hip and right knee when he arrived at the residence. The victim complained of pain in her arm and being unable to move the arm. 

Reyes reportedly said he had been arguing with the victim and had attempted to leave her residence when she had climbed into the bed of the truck and began throwing trash out of the vehicle. He reportedly said when he came to a stop at the beginning of the driveway, the victim was hanging onto the passenger side mirror. He reportedly said he didn’t know whether she had slipped or jumped off, causing her to go under the truck. 

According to reports, the victim said she and the suspect had been arguing because she found photos of naked women on his phone and she jumped into the back of the truck and she began throwing trash out of it because he had taken her phone. She reportedly said Reyes told her he would not return her phone until she picked up all of the trash, and she refused. She reportedly said he got back into the vehicle to drive away when she tried to hang onto the passenger side mirror of the truck. She reportedly said she fell and went under the wheel of the truck. 

Officers reported the passenger side mirror had muddy handprints and footprints, matching both statements. 

Reyes was arrested for felony reckless endangerment and was transported to Grainger County Detention Center Saturday,

January 9.