RUTLEDGE – Grainger County marinas are preparing for summer amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


From completely renovating to ensuring all equipment has been cleaned properly, Grainger County marinas are taking precautions to ensure visitors are safe while on the lake. 


Card’nal Cove Resort Marina has taken extra precautions with COVID-19, according to Manager Chris Brockmeier. He said the resort is cleaning more often and making sure cabins and boats are sanitized for customers. COVID-19 has allowed Card’nal Cove Resort Marina to begin its season early, he said. 

“It’s been a good year for anything having to do with the lake or boat industry,” said Brockmeier.

Facilities have been fully stocked for guests. Anyone who would like to make a reservation at Card’nal Cove Resort Marina can visit or call (865) 828-5300. 

Gilmore Boat Dock has been preparing for its season with COVID-19. Owner Dave Lemon said he purchased more cleaning supplies and is keeping surfaces cleaned. 

Gilmore Boat Dock is a full-service facility. Guests can purchase 100-percent gasoline, beer, food and lodging. The dock has also provided a new trailer storage lot for guests. 

Anyone who would like to make a reservation can call (865) 767-2177.

Greenlee Campground RV and Marine is taking precautions for COVID-19. Campgrounds have been closed, along with bathrooms, during the pandemic. 

Co-owner Jamie Holbrook said if plans go according to schedule, everything should be reopened by Memorial Day weekend. The campground has added hand sanitizer and more soap dispensers in its bathrooms in prepara stion for the reopening. These additions have been added to both Greenlee Campground RV and Marine and the May Springs location. 

Holbrook said Greenlee Campground RV and Marine has also added approximately 20 30-foot covered boat slips on its dock. 

Greenlee Campground RV and Marine is a full-service marina with a full supply store, food on the water and gasoline services. Anyone who would like to make a reservation can call (865) 828-8501 or (865) 828-4802. 

Huff’s German Creek Marina has been preparing for its season with the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers who need gasoline can pay via a portable credit card machine. If guests need an item in the store, they are allowed to purchase the item, but owner Nick Huff said the marina was offering guests the ability to remain on their boats. He said employees will continue to pump gas for customers. 

“We’re kind of expecting a busy year this year,” said Huff. “Because it seems like being on the lake is one of the few things people can do right now to get out of the house and get some fresh air.”

Huff’s German Creek Marina has added an additional platform around Marie’s Dockside Grill for boats to dock without using extra gasoline. Slush Puppies and Dippin Dots will also be available in the marina store. Huff said most of 2020’s renovations dealt with maintenance. 

Lakeside Marina Sales and Service has taken extra precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, said owner David Miller. All employees are wearing masks and frequently sanitizing surfaces. Markers are placed on the flooring of the dock house to notify guests to remain ten feet apart. They are also providing full services, allowing guests to remain on their boats when they pull up to the dock. 

Lakeside Marina Sales and Service has installed several new concrete floating slips in addition to repairs on the dock, according to Miller. He said the marina has expanded its deck to allow for more live entertainment once government restrictions have been lifted. The dock house has received a full makeover. New flooring and walls have been installed, along with a new setup for fish feedings. The marina has also expanded its kitchen. 

The marina’s menu has expanded as well, said Miller. Hot wings, hamburgers and beer are available, among a variety of other items. 

Anyone who would like more information about Lakeside Marina Sales and Service can call (865) 993-1555.

Wa-Ni Village Resort has closed its campground bathrooms due to COVID-19. Campers have been spaced and all are keeping their distance, according to co-owner Elizabeth Sheppard.

The resort has been keeping the dock maintained for the summer season. Sheppard said the dock lights and lawn have been maintenanced. 

Wa-Ni Village Resort is a long-term campground. While the facilities close for the winter season, campers may stay year-round.