Sewer equipment

RUTLEDGE – During the Rutledge Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BMA) meeting Thursday, November 18, Wastewater Manager Sammy Cruze informed the board equipment at the sewer plant has been malfunctioning. 

Cruze said two blowers supplying the mixing and aeration at the plant are malfunctioning. He said one does not work and a second is going into vibration mode, which causes the machine to shut down once it exceeds a safe range of use. Cruze said the second machine had shut down four out of five days during last week.

He informed the board the equipment was 28 years old and the bearings have been replaced twice during its lifespan. Cruze said replacing the equipment would be a big undertaking for the city due to how the equipment was built into the building. 

He said he has contacted companies in an attempt to find someone who would be available at a fair price and most companies said they would not be able to take on the project in the immediate future due to being short-staffed. Cruze said he had requested multiple companies evaluate the project. 

Cruze said the project would be expensive. He said the equipment was “probably in excess of $700,000 a piece.” He said he wasn’t certain on the price and his estimate could be too low. 

He said he could get a price for new equipment, but the issue would come with finding someone to replace the equipment. 

Cruze said he is making the equipment operate for now, but its usefulness is about gone. 

Rutledge Mayor Fred “Speck” Sykes asked Cruze to find prices for the equipment.