Thorn Hill man arrested again following second assault

RUTLEDGE –  A second alleged assault offense led to the arrest of a Thorn Hill man Friday, March 26.

According to a report filed by Grainger County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Dillion Atkins, a call was received about Brian Epperson, 47, being at a victim’s residence after being released from Grainger County Detention Center with bond conditions to not be near the victim or at the residence where the initial assault occurred Saturday, March 20. 

The victim called from her vehicle to inform officers she believed Epperson was in her home. 

Upon the officer’s arrival, the victim was seen running from the residence toward the road to officers with Epperson reportedly charging toward her. When Epperson saw the patrol vehicle, he reportedly ran back toward the residence, stopped at the front porch and walked up the steps. 

The victim appeared distressed and was advised to stay behind the patrol vehicle until Epperson was apprehended. 

He was detained and placed in the patrol vehicle without incident. 

The victim had blood on her shirt and reportedly informed officers Epperson had cut her with a knife while she was seated in the vehicle before officers arrived. The victim had a small laceration on her abdomen. Grainger County EMS advised the victim did not require emergency care and applied first aid attention. 

Epperson reportedly had a knife in his right hand and a claw hammer in his left hand while at the vehicle. According to reports, the victim said Epperson had thrown the knife in the backyard of the residence, along with the claw hammer, in an attempt to get her out of the vehicle. The victim reported she was in fear of Epperson and got out of the vehicle because Epperson had said, “If you don’t get out, I will gut you right here.”

A 16.5-inch wooden handle butcher knife and a 13-inch wooden handle claw hammer were located behind the residence. 

According to reports, Epperson told officers he had thought about killing the victim and then killing himself, and he had brought the weapons to the vehicle with the intent to harm the victim.

Epperson was arrested and charged with violation of bond release, domestic assault and aggravated assault. He was transported to Grainger County Detention Center.