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Freedom of speech is fundamental to a free society. It is a wonderful privilege, but it comes with some drawbacks. If I want to say what I want to say then I have to be willing to allow you to say what you want to say. 

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I recently heard of some folks who, after receiving positive COVID-19 tests, kept going to public places, in some cases without even wearing masks, spreading the virus around to others. As I understand it, several people became sick after being exposed to those individuals. 

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To paraphrase the Bard, William Shakespeare, I come to praise Lamar Alexander, then to bury him.

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In moments when there seems to be no recourse, having others dismiss a problem as if it isn’t important enough to bear consideration only adds to a feeling of helplessness. It’s easy to imagine that is how several Grainger County homeowners have felt in the last few years when they’ve approa…

I missed the September and October County Commission meetings. I didn’t intend to have such an extended vacation from them, but circumstances worked to give me a bonus missed meeting when my granddaughter fell and broke her two front teeth. She’s fine, thank God. The other meeting was missed…

What should America expect with the new administration? A possible scenario after the first official meeting: The three branches of the United States met today and declared capitulation.